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New Year Beckons.

Ah! That time of the year when you get into the retrospective mode. One more year has gone by. Every year has its own discoveries and disappointments. Learning experiences by all means.

Not getting senti and all that...just few people who stood out were:-

Without doubt, my Discovery of the Year has been this guy.

Comeback of the Year goes tohim.

Put your hands together for the Achiever of the Year.

Controversy of the Year goes to her

Please welcome my seniorwho graduated this year,and is partially responsible for my MBA at ICFAI thru his guidance :)

Here's someonewho's taught me a thing or two this year. Thanks mate :)

As I move on to be a part of thisnext year, I hope the best wishes of my pals stays with me, all along. :)

Yeah,this is for you dude..not linking ur stuff..but u know,you mean a hell lot. The hot chocolate which is incidentally hot,still makes me smile :).

Each year teaches us some lessons. I hope, my dear readers, this year teaches ya the good lessons the nice way :).


Bare truth.

Most of my batchmates are getting married/engaged these days. As usual,the common ritual involves the Guy's folks coming over to 'see' the Girl and her folks. One of my friend, A , had one such meeting at her place. She's one heck of a strong headed girl. This is the dialogue between her and her mom,

Mom :- Look at you!!
A :- What?
Mom :- Apply little more make up madam!! That pimple is too obvious!
A :- No,I wont.
Mom :- DO AS I SAY!
A :- See mom, if he chooses to live with me,he has to take me as I am. After marriage am not gonna powder the pimple everyday for him!!

Within my heart, I broke into a mini dance. Yay Gal,way to go. :)


Judaa hoke bhi,
Tu mujhme kahin baaki hai
Palkon mein banke aanson tu chali aati hai.
Ab to aadat si hai mujhko,
Aise jeene mein....

In those dark times,in that period of helplessness, you walk into your room. You sit and stare at the floor.A tear flows down.And then you break down.Into pieces.Each bit of you wants to absolve into nothingness. You lose control over your emotions. That heart wrenching moment which came courtesy someone you loved.

Why does it become so difficult to take control of one's life then? Those memories only make you weep more. Weep so much that it hurts. Soon that loneliness,that empty feeling becomes a way of life. When you think you are limping back to normalcy,one flash and its staring at you in your face again. That stab of pain which you got used to by now,leaves a fresh wound. You realise,no matter what you do, it shall stay.

How can one person leave your world so shaken? All coz that person meant the world to you ? Ideally things are supposed to be s…

The AH Tag

Mike suggested I take up the A$$hole tag. Not a bad idea. But the toughest part is selecting 5 from so many! ;)...So, without much delay here I go...

A-H #1.

He's thin,scrawny. He's a jat. And I HATE HIM!!!! At the beginning he would talk to me as if he has all copyrights on anything 'Zarine'. One guy who carries his heart on his sleeve. It so happened one day that 2 gals he 'hits' on were in the same group (urs truly was one). So, our Jat comes. Me ignored him. He looks at S in a Dev Anand - head -tilted- manner, and starts his gibberish.

S :- A, shut up,will u?
A :- Arey,boora maan gayi?
S :- Tu har ladki ko yehi kehta hai na?
A :- Hum to har ghat ki pooja karte hain (sic).. kyun,Zarine??
Z :- Dont ask me...mein ghat ghat ka paani peene walon se baat nahi karti!

*(the group laughs)*..YAY! :P

A.S #2

Yeh,another one who thinks I'm dying to talk to him. He met me online the other day.

R :- Hi Zarine
Z :- Hi
R:- Why didnt u tell me it was J's b'day?
Z:- I didnt r…

Not my fault.Trust me!!

It's funny. Or ironical. Or something like that.

The speed with which we make up our minds or form opinions, judgements, impressions and conclusions only to be proven wrong. I mean, heck...what's the hurry? For all you know, that person was just having a bad day, and isnt all that mean. And man, c'mon, who the hell are we to pass a judgement on anyone at all? But why am I posting this....I wanted to write something else..!

O yeh. Doc says "why dont u let ur vocal cords rest? After all,everybody deserves some peace,including your tongue." big deal there...I'll keep shut,till my silence makes my vocal cords scream. And am under all kinda drugs and medication,coz of various contradictory ailments. You name it, and I dont have it. It's just a throat infection. Or so I think. Nose is blocked,but keeps running now and then. I feel so damn feverish, but the boring thermometer reads 'Below Normal'. I lie down to rest and my mind is racing with t…

Forbidden Love...

Read this poem long back...dont remember the source...

What I feel for you,
couldn't hold it inside,
had forgotten the whole world for a while,
did stupid things for a while

My nights go sleepless aching for you
Although I know your nights are not so
For the morning, rays shine the truth,
Though I love you so deeply and so true It aint enough

Every pain of mine aches for your arms
Every teardrop yearns for your embrace
Every look at a child screams for our future

You gave me hope when I needed it the most
You met me when I was lost in the wilderness
You are the whole and soul I need in my life
but every setting ray shows the price

For I believe we belong for each other, but can't be together
But I still love you wholly and deeply
For I think my love for you will never end
Except maybe when I'm dead and sent
In this forbidden love we share . .

I ran..!

Yahooo! I ran the 1o K run today morn :D :D :D

It was the first time and clocked arnd 100 mins to cross the finish line. We walked and jogged and ran and even after the Run was over,thanks to inertia of motion,couldnt stop :P

Err..yeh the legs are stiff and all tht..but then,it was nice :)

So,that was the 'First Time' of this month ( Me plans to do atleast one thing for the first time every month :D )

Later Added :- Alright,alright...the "We" were Rahul and I. Rahul is a pal from Pagalguy Forums. And the fact that he's damn cute made the journey that much easier...wht did they say about good company? ;)


Insecurity of losing love makes us mistakingly lose the friend in them ; insecurity of losing the friend makes us mistakingly fall in love with them.

Me ponders...

Our elders,or for that matter we ourselves take life so seriously at times...

What do u want to become?
What is your purpose in life?
Where are you headed?
How does this add value to u?

Bah..does everything have to be quantified and measured? Is success in life measured by how many awards u bag or the pay package u get? Can money really show one's worth? Is someone who's working in Lehman Bros,New York more 'valuable' than the one working in a local bank?

Life is one which creates another. Leaders mushroom leaders. Money creates more money. Anything that is respected today is coz of its ability to sustain itself against the test of time. Houses of quality werent build overnight.

The point being what is the driving force today? And in the race,how do u emerge 'successful' ? Am touching too many points here,but all of them are rushing in my mind at the same time.

Leave others,what would be my definition of a successful life? What can I say to claim that "I Lived!&q…

And then you learn..!

Life has a strange way of teaching its lessons.In a journey,nothing can be taken for granted and any sorta ignorance can get back to you when you least expect it to.

We have an evaluation system where 50% of the weightage is given to Internal Assessment (IA) and the remaining to External Assessment (EA).IA is done through assignments and all that jazz within respective centers. A is done by conducting a common exam across all the centers. Folks take it easy with IA, but when it comes to EA, everyone pulls up their socks as you are measured against 2500 students, no less!! The CGPA is arrived at by evaluating both the performances, the SGPA (Scholarship GPA) is determined by the EA alone.

Last week we got our EA marks. Today we got the CGPA grades for our last but one term exams. And I sat there staring at the screen. Shocked. Dazed, to be precise. Deaf to the commotion around me. I had topped in one of the papers in my EA. Deserves an 'A', obviously. But the scorecard read '…

It's cold out there.

Take a flight,into the night
A dark,endless expanse of a cold unknown future
To stop and look behind
Is to bask oneself in the false glow of comfort

Comfort which arose from the warmth
Of all those who loved and cared to smile at you
False, as gone are all of them
With you just gazing at the blank emptiness...

Look ahead with a decisive purpose
To move on and take it as it comes
But when will the hope of having
Someone who shares the vision die..?

As life seems like a prose
Like a poem which doesnt rhyme
A tree which hasnt seen the spring
A leaf waiting to touch its ground ..

I fly off....into the dark,the unknown.....
But its cold out there..
The warmth beckons me back
But what shall I choose to have
A hope which has no future,
Or a future which has no hope?

Congratulations....n Celebrations...!!

Dearest Vishu and Vipul...

Today the Almighty God did the next best thing to both of you (the first one being me :D ).

You know,all this while,I've been holding back...waiting till all of us got placed...but boy,NOW WE ARE GONNA PARTY HARD :D :D :D

A silent prayer for ICICI and TCS respectively, as well...may God award these firms with enough strength to deal with both of ya ;)

And yeah Vipul dude,abh to hum bhi taana marenge "Padhai mein mann kyun lagega,placement toh hogaya na?!" ;) ;)

Truly...very happy for both of u...:)



Ps:- BTW,kindly consider yesterday's party as the one from my side.I cant bear throwing another one for dehaatis like you :D :D

Life is fair,afterall :)

So Qazi Tauqeer and Rooprekha win Fame Gurukul (a singing compt on Sony TV). Two people who always went by their heart,didnt indulge in dirty politics when it came to voting out participants and always believed that they could make it. Esp. Qazi - the underdog. Right from the beginning,his peers thought he didnt deserve to be there.He always maintained that he had the passion and will to succeed and held nothing against his peers for thinking bad about him.

And the bandar becomes the sikander :). I like these kinda success stories,wherein a person comes at the top,beating all odds that were stacked against him.Kudos dude...keep rocking :).

poston Hirdu's blog aptly sums up the confusion and anxiety of a middle aged life. True,absolutely true.

This world is full of people who cant get out of their "environmental determinism" i.e a state wherein the person blames the en…

The Gestalt Prayer

I do my thing
And you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you and I am I.

And if by chance we find each other,it's beautiful,
If not, it can't be helped.

- Fritz Perls

The key idea of the statement is the endorsement of a focus on living in response to one's own needs; it also expresses an idea about people who respectively can help fulfill another's needs in fulfilling their own: when they "find each other, it's beautiful."

Immediately following that optimistic note, the final six words are "If not, it can't be helped".


...And it's a century...! :)

If none was watching...

Umm,I was supposed to continue my post on Women.Will do.Sometime soon. :)

Actually this post is a result of a question posed to me.

She asked, "What would you write on your blog,if you knew none visited it?"

Me : Hmm,I think the basic purpose of enabling comments on ur posts is to know what people think about it....

She : Why would you care? Would your thinking change,if someone thought otherwise?

Me : Mebbe not,but it does provide one a broader view of things.And they can always be more than one correct answer...

She : So,when you blog,is it to know what others think or to let them know what you think?

Me : Both.

She : So,doesnt the fact that people will read and comment on your post dictate its content, atleast some of the times?

Me : Umm,yeah,sometimes it does...

She : So,back to my first question. What would you write on your blog,if you knew none read it?

I smiled.

Me : What would I write?? I wouldnt write at all. :) Oh kay,tht's going a bit too far...I'd write,but the stu…

Women - I

The most common complaint men have is their inability to understand what women want. I was wondering,is it really so difficult to know us?

One SMS was doing rounds - What women say and what they actually mean.It got me thinking. I guess, that's where the main problem lies. Women dont state what they think. They have something on their mind,and they say something that is connected to it.No doubt,guys good at crosswords have it easy ;)

And this trend is observed only when it comes to their own self.If they find a puppy cute,they say it. But if they want to know about their looks,they would drop a hazaar hints before the guy actually gets it!! If they want something,they rarely ask for it.Instead it would be "She has it,I want it too" types, or she'd try to justify the need for it.

Why cant women simply be as direct and blunt as men are? The way they are bought up has some definite role to play. One has to be modest,not too demanding,always giving unto others and all that.…

Brand New Day

Last year,around this time my life had come to a standstill...dreams crashed,tears flowed and world was black and white.

This year,around the same time,my life has taken a new direction....dreams are taking flight,tears flow coz I cant contain the smiles and world is all technicolor.

Watch this space as life moves on.... :).

New and Improved...!

Hey's the new look??? :)

Killer quiz.

You are an assassin.
That means you are a proffessional and do your job without mixing any emotions in it. In your life you have probably been hurt many times and have gotten some mental scars. This results in you being distant from people. Though many think that you are evil, you are not. What you really are is a person, trying to forget your pain and past. You are the person who never seems to care and that is why being an assassin fits you good. Atleast, that's what people think. Even if you don't care that much for your victims, you still have the ability to care and to generally feel. It is not lost, just a little forgotten. In crowds you tend to not get to noticed, and dress in black or other discrete colours. You don't like being in the spotlight and wish people would just leave you alone. But once you do get close to someone you have a hard time letting go and get real down if you lose him/her.

Main weapon: Sniper
Quote: "The walls we build around us to keep out…


When Dad went outta town,he handed over the business to Mom.Poor sweetheart of mine didnt know how to go about running it initially,but 3 months down the line when I heard her fire one of the Sales guy the other day,I thought,"Ooh la la,Mom's arrived!"

At dinner tonight Mom said,"Honey,I dont think one needs an MBA degree to run one's business...."

"Yeah,Mom" I replied,"But one surely needs it to be employed in someone else's business."

How SAD IS THAT?? :((

Arbit observation.

Noticed something today and wanted to share with all of ya.

Ever noticed that on the keyboard,'W' + 'E' and 'U' + 'I' are side by side? WE are together ; U and I are close to each other :).

Choice to choose.

I've been pondering over a point in the past few days.It's actually coz of a discussion I had with Girish.No,I wasnt pondering over why I discuss topics with him,I was pondering over (argh!) the point we were cut the crap - Do feelings/emotions define human beings?

Are feelings responses to stimulus?Are reactions conditioned by people and surroundings? Do impulsive reactions over a period of time become instinctive responses?Do we think before we react? Why dont we? Why is the urge to react so great,that we dont bother to take a sec off and think about or rather choose how we will respond?

Since the 2nd year started,I've had all my first year pals commenting that I've changed.Am myself for the nth time posting this on my blog...I've changed...yes,I have.I dont react now,I only respond.And the response is usually well thought of before been expressed.Not that I talk in measured tones now,just the way I react to people and situations has changed.

Coming …

Good Ol' days..

I long for those days when studies were meant to be taken seriously. When I’d wake up at 4 am and mug my chapters. When sleeping without revising was blasphemy. And now, leave alone revising, if I manage to scan thru’ the allotted chapters, I send a grateful prayer to the Almighty. Sad, very sad.

Only 2 things matter – Sleeping and Staying awake. And while you are staying awake, behaving as if you are running the world. Yaawwnnn…..time to sleep..take care of this globe,someone ;).


Laughed so loudly in my Coll Lab when I read it on Hirdu's blog,that now everyone wants it in the Y! grps!!!

And my Bullet is getting some popularity in coll.Gals snidely remark it's 'OK',guys comment that I'm all set for the kill in every sense ;),and my Psych Prof enquired where I purchased it frm.He wants one for his 8yr old son.Meanwhile,Mom continues to frown at it...

Principle 4.

Before I forget, not on a preaching program!!! I already mentioned in mah Principle 1 post that these were the lil rules I was setting for MYSELF.Read that again.MYSELF.For Zarine. Toh dont blame/criticise me if you dont find them fit for yourself...and btw,after Princi 1,I've stopped listening ;).

And now the last(!!) principle for this season.Once winter strikes in 2 months,we'll (I,me and myself) will be back with a new set of the same :D.

Dont carry it too far.Yepes,that's the princi 4.I was thinking...would it be better to frame it as "Draw your lines",but for those who arnt artistically gifted,I wont make much sense.But,hey,wasnt I writing these for myself? Whatever.

What you give to a relation.What you demand from it.What you expect from the Indian cricket team.What you expect from the Meteorological Dept.What you expect from Airtel (Grrrrrr).And the likes.Dont let it cross the rational limits.Airtel service personnel believe in Hutch.High time I di…

Principle 3.

Yesterday was Friendship Day.And was spent in a much better way than it was planned.One thing I really like about folks here is their "Go slow on attitude" funda.Save a handful guys,the rest of them are so amicable.None minds helping each other,be it during the routine days or the exam times.How often do we come across instances when u call up ur pal at 2 am,the morn of ur exam and say u cant make any sense of wht's happening,and he comes down to your place to help you out.Mind you,ours still isnt a residential program,so all the students are spread over the city,staying in PGs and hostels.And tht's prolly the reason why all of us dont leave the campus before 7.30-8 pm every day.Even during the summers,we would help each other across cities.

On Friendship Day too,inspite of being a sunday,the campus was bustling with activity.I had my juniors wishing me thru' SMSes.It's not as if we have a small batch size,hence are so close knit.Infact,our batch boasts of the…

Principle 2.

There I blog again.Coz that's what am supposed to do with this space on www or rather http://.

Abhishek is a sweet chap in my B school.Very simple and says he never thinks too much about anything.Not a bookworm,the only books he read was Chacha Choudhary in his chunnu munnu days.Today I made him spend 40 mins in a bookstore.While I bought 'Games People Play' by Eric Berne and 'The Stranger' by Albert something (YES Girish!! I finally bought it!!),I made him buy 'The Alchemist'.Infact I told him I'll gift it to you,but he insisted on paying...dunno why guys dont take gifts from me :. It's not that I ask for return gifts!! And I also made him promise me that he'd finish it by this month end.Going by the rate Vipul completed the novel I gave him,I can expect Abhi to get back to me when his kids graduate high school.

Oh,I forgot.This post was about the second princi.Princi has a nice sound to it.Sounds like a lil frilly skirt.I guess mom was right whe…

Principle 1.

Waiting for returns somehow robs life of its precious moments.Return of a loved one,return of a gesture,return of a call,a SMS,return of the Jedi..err,tht's getting too much.

Waiting for something big,eventful to happen.It never really does happen,does it? Setting huge long term goals,looking at the big picture,thinking about the future...bah...aint it boring? I never believed in planning,coz they never worked for me.All the plans I've made so far have met the same success as fish living in a frost free fridge.And the analogies I make these days suck as the Microsoft Products do.And am not talking abt their vacuum cleaner.Old joke,I know.

So,what's the point in giving ourselves the false hope of a security and control when nothing happens as per the plans? The level of comfort it brings might be a good carrot,but it's as comfortable as lying on a rock and imagining you are on cloud nine.This was bad too,I agree.Thank you.

I've decided to take lil decisions everyday.Ya…

Go go go,Goa!

Goa was fun,man!! :D..ekdum wild and wet :))

It rains without notice,rains for 15 mins,stops and again rains..!Drizzles actually.So after the first day,we all got used to it and the rain gods could do nothing to hamper our spirits :D.

Rain dance,rain shopping,rain this,rain that :)).We would simply sneek out to the beach at 1-2 am,that is if we were not dancing away to glory in some disc! But a trip to the beach,which was abt 50 meters from the resort was mandatory every night before we hit the sack.The seniors gang wanted to be there till wee hours of the morn,come back to catch a short nap and the juniors gang would be banging the door at 5.30-6 in the morn for another trip! I was seriously considering putting up at the beach itself!

Goa is all abt beaches and coconut trees!But each beach is distinctly different from the rest.Did lotsa climbing and trekking too.Visited churches and some 'Water Jail'!Food was okayish....binged on the sea food on the last day,sadly shark meat was…

Am going surfing :D

Am off to Goa :D.

Will be back by 31st July.

In the morning,in the morning,in the morning by the Sea.... :)

Where's the problem??

He: "Get an attitude,gal!"


He:"I mean,how can you simply talk with anyone?Kuch bhaav dikha!"

Me: (Wondering what has hit him)

He:"I'll tell you how to do it.You know,talk in jargons and metaphors,when you argue show down the other person,show that you know more..and your blog..!! Post some sense...I mean the last one you posted.."

Me: (interrupts)"Hello?Didnt you read my rights? I have the right to not make any sense :))

He: "See? That's your problem!! Take yourself seriously.Dont let people mess around with you. Get a 'no non-sense' image. I'm telling you,people value you only if you play hard to get!"

Me:See...I dont talk or post to judge or appreciate my 'value'.I do it coz I like it,and if people think I dont make sense,so be it.I'd rather spend time laughing and chatting instead of trying to pose as someone who's "Miss.Know-it-all."

He: "Sigh! You dont get it,do you? Zarin…

First Love :D

Till this happens .... >

<- Let this rule..!

My Personal Rights

Right to:-
I. Not make any sense.
II. Have my mood swings.
III. Think too much or to not think at all.
IV. Get the best deal.
V. Act in the interest of my well being.
VI. Protect my loved ones.
VII. Dream.
VIII. Work towards my dream.
IX. Stand by my beliefs / people I believe in.
X. Love/hate anyone I want to,as I want to.
XI. Take decisions pertaining to my life.
XII. Argue.
XIII. Question.
XIV. Stay silent.
XV. Pamper myself.
XVI. Not give any reasons/explanations for my actions.
XVII. Not share my personal life with everyone.
XVIII.Resist authority/responsibility/actions I don’t approve of.
XIX. Be objective when the situation demands.
XX. Take vengeance.

......And that's the way it is.

Nature's Personality Test

Whats ur personality? Chance to know about yourself !

The chance to know about yourself like your character etc. This test was devised by a famous team of psychologists from a British university. Here it is.....

Imagine you walked into a small hut by the river in the jungle. You pushed open the door, in front of you were 7 small beds to the right of the hut, and another 7 small chairs surrounding a small round table.

In the middle of the table was a round food tray with 5 kinds of fruit in it. There are:
a. Apple
b. Banana
c. Strawberry
d. Peach

Which fruit will u choose? Your choice reveals about u

Test results :

a. if you chosen apple: that means you are a person who loves to eat apple
b. if you chosen banana: that means you are a person who loves to eat banana
c. if you chosen strawberry: that means you are a person who loves to eat strawberry
d. if you chosen peach: that means you are a person who loves to eat peach
e. if you chosen orange: that means you are a person who lov…

Alone in the crowd.

Am becoming a loner by the day.I dont like crowds,I prefer to stay away.I go to canteen 15 mins before lunch time,have my lunch and push off before the crowd starts trickling in.In the lab,I prefer occupying a system where none will disturb me while am at work.

In the Psych class today,the Prof was forming groups for the Dissertation assignment.Groups of 3 and when he announced my name with 2 others,I simply said, "Sir,I'm going all alone on this".He insisted,so did I.Either I do it alone,or I dont do it at all. Dissertation is something that requires constant focus and I cant keep running behind people asking if they're done with their part,neither do I want a change in the quality of the paper across the topic.It'll be a herculean task,considering I'll be doing the work meant for 3 people,but as long as I get to do my own thing,I dont care.I know I'll manage.

I have my friends telling me I've become impatient and very reclusive these days.Impatient...…

It's 27th of June!!!!!!!!!! :D

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,dear Zarine,
Happy Birthday to me...:)

Obsessed with the End.

Result Oriented.Goal Oriented.And if you happen to be in a B-School,Placement Oriented.Focus on the end.Nothing else matters if you come out with flying colors.The process,the means - be damned.

Before starting,you need to know where you are headed.Doesnt matter if most of the time you end up elsewhere,but you should always have an idea of where you want to be. Ask people to do something and the question pops up,"What will happen if I do it?" None's bothered about how it'll be done.Tht's a secondary concern.

I dunno,mebbe nothing's wrong with this approach,but should it neccesarily be this way,all the time? Why cant people simply let go and enjoy what comes,without bothering about the outcome? Is it so difficult to detach yourself from the result? Do you really need to be so sure about everything? Does it really help? And what if you knew that something wouldnt give ya a favorable result,but the process is something you'd enjoy - would you still go ahead wi…

Move On.

I have a pal who recently had a break up.They knew each other for good 10 years and fell in love in the last 4.Different cities led to a some distances in relation,but they managed fine.One fine day the dude called it off.Lady couldnt take it. Has being crying for the past 5 months.Still blames some action of hers for the happening. Goes paranoid at times. Keeps checking his mail box (he once gave her his p/d),doesnt take his calls,curses the chick the dude dumped her for and keeps crying all over again.

Get a life.If you cant handle your emotions,dont venture out into this world.Sit cocooned in your house where none will hurt you.Heart breaks happen and if you cant live with them,why fall in love in the first place? Nothing lasts forever.Nothing is yours forever either.Why abuse your body and life this way? Does the world start and end with that one person? If you say 'yes', seriously,GET A LIFE!

Bookie Taggie!

Oh k...was taking it rather leniently till one of my pals blasted me for 'breaking the chain'!..Boy,how I hate conforming to rules and doing what has to be done..:(

With due respect to Geetu,Subbu and Apurv for tagging me,I shall try to add to this noble cause..!

No. Of Books I own - Dunno...rather dont care...keep reading them - if I like them, send it over to Seema to read and if I dont,send it over to the Raddi waala.

Last 5 books I bought - Excuse me :(...but the list goes like - Kotler, Org Behv by Robbins, Fin Mgmt by Prasanna Chandra,Winning by Jack Welch and an Archies comic :D

5 Books that mean something - Umm...a toughie...

1.The Kiss - Danielle Steel - Ok,I know her work sucks,but this one was good...
2.The Alchemist - Paul Coelho - Not tht it made me realise my 'calling in life',but had few good instances here n there.
4.Lemme think.....
5.Mebbe Dilbert's Principle? :P

Seriously folks,I'm at loss here...cant recall anything that meant a 'lot…


So much has happened in the week that's gone by and hardly anytime to blog it...if this is an indicator of things to come,I doubt how much of bloggin I'll be doing once am into a job and (sigh) marriage.

Wanted to blog about false acts and masks we put on in certain situations, on how difficult it is to let your past let go of you - Yeh,sometimes it refuses to fade away n is there on ur mind all the time, on how life will be without few people am so close to and almost addicted to :(, on how Lee and Reebok are a bad choice for a family function, and what to do if you still happen to land up in them!, on why celebrating small successes matters so much...on how loving matters so much...and my exp in my Managerial Psychology class.

This post is dedicated to all those posts which never saw the ray of the cathode tube (ok,tht's a bad PJ :( ) times I miss living my life so much...

1 down,1 more to go.

Yoohoo,II year starts! :D...All of us met each other after 4 months! And wht reactions :))! "Arey,inspite of staying in Chennai,ur color hasnt changed! U r still as dark u were before!" :))..After the registration,we all chillaxed in the canteen.And yeah,one thing everybody wholeheartedly agreed on was - Studies are of no use!! Whatever we did in our Summers was either learnt on the job or required common sense n smartness,rather than Kotler and Strategies!! We all took a resolution to open the books just before the exams n instead spend rest of the term doing something more productive!

It sure feels great to catch up with pals.But then,as all of us chose different electives,we can meet only during the breaks :(.Our college has got 11 streams n over 100 electives to choose frm!! I was sooooo confused between BPO Management and Managerial Psychology - both new courses,offered in handful schools across the globe. One was so good frm Placement Perspective,considering IT and ITe…


How I hate this word.Sorry! Not coz being apologetic is wrong,but it hardly means one is being apologetic!!
It's just a way to save your skin.Utter it and go scot free.And you know,the best part is this line:- "I said, I'm sorry! Wht more do you want me to do?" Yeh!! Just that word of yours can make up for all the pain n hurt the other person has gone through.Moreover,tht person should be grateful to you for that!

Why dont people mean it when they say it? If you cant stop yourself from repeating it,why do you say it then?Can't you simply say,"I'll try not to do this again"? Nopes.Coz that's committing yourself.U'd rather say Sorry and get done with it.No wonder,I've begun to abhor promises too.

Then they are people who dunno how to handle 'sorry's'.The first category would get all apologetic themselves! "Arey,it's ok yaar! Koi baat nahi!"..Easily forgive the other person.

And there is the second category. I'm s…

Great Expectations

As an individual,one has certain rights. And the right to know is one of them. To know what you want from yourself,from people around you and from your life.Similarly,people around you also have the right to know,incase any of their actions can hurt you.

But then how does one know,unless one asks? The problem with expectations is that a lot is assumed. A husband 'expects' certain things from his wife,and more often than not,he assumes she knows about them,and vice versa. How often do you hear these statement in fights, "Weren't you supposed to do this?? / I tght you would know! / It's but obvious! " All based on the assumption that the other person knows what you expect.

Amongst the comments in the 'Art of Detachment' post,somebody said detaching oneself would be protecting yourself from pain and turning away from love and would stop you from living a full life.

Pain and tears. No point in running away from them. They always find their place in our lives…

Summers Over!!

Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over!Summers Over!Summers Over!

Phew!! Was sloggin since feb! Finally! :D :D :D

Err..I know I was supposed to make a post on the lines of my previous post to complete tht chain of posts, but I COULDN’T STOP MYSELF FROM POSTING THIS FIRST!! I AM SO HAPPPPPYYYYYY!!!!!

Learnings from the Summers ?? Who cares? :)))))))))) Got 10 days hols before the 2 yr a half MBA now :)))))))))))…The Diro wanted me to address the jrns,but I took them to picnic Saturday last, so my ice breaking session is done with.Dont think will oblige the Diro this time around :D.

The plans for the next 10 days,umm…will definitely not sleep much,I can always do tht when my …