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Scratch my head

I wonder why almost 40 people are following me on Twitter.

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Aahun aahun aahun

2004 - 12
2005 - 93
2006 - 37
2007 - 31
2008 - 36
2009 - 18

That's the number of blog posts since the blog inception. 2009 scores the lowest...the 12 posts made in 2004 were all done in Dec 2004!

While '06, '07, '08 have been fairly consistent...'09 figures did rock me a bit. It's been a low year...and I didn't turn to my blog enough number of times, I guess.

Whatever the reason be...let 2010 be more verbose. Cheers!

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As it comes

It'll be three decades in ~3 years time, since I was born. The question "what have you done so far" surprisingly doesnt bother me as I realise that, this race to "do something" since we were kids, has consumed so much of our lives...that only success and its relative supriority to others success' and lives seems relevant.

I'd rather want to ask much of these three decades of your life do you remember? How many moments have left their mark on your mind's tracks? How many people from then are still part of your now? What have you discovered about yourself that will make the coming years more fruitful? What have you denied and what have you compromised on? What are your moments of glory? And I'd want all of these to be absolute moments...not a "I beat her to the top rank"...rather "I felt good about doing this... I didnt think I could do it" type of stuff.

This life is over so fricking fast that one doesnt realise wha…

Some wish list

I dunno whats the urgency to publish this dead sleepy and still punching away the keys.

(After stifling another yawn)...the point was...I need to do certain things. Like sleeping, maybe. Ok..get over it.

This post is inspired or rather the thought was triggered by a teddy bear friend (someone who looks like a teddy....not someone you take to bed when u r lonely!) Sleep deprivation can make one lose all senses.

Things to do before I die (unlike my friend who knows the exact number of things he'd wanna do...i'm happy that I atleast have something!)

Ride a bike...kasam se...the Ducati types...full speed, swanky helmet.. minus the chick, obvBe able to converse without getting worked upHave a personal library with atleast couple of thousand titlesGo on a cruiseBe able to understand religions...all of themGet rid of prejudicesDo a course on OceanologyLearn the art of meditationLearn a sport...preferably squashLearn the guitar/ violinBe privileged enough to mentor a…