December 02, 2014

Time to stop

Time to stop


It flies by you
Like they rightly said
You are still thinking about
Things to be done and bared
A moment comes
When the will to dream dies
Coz the dream can't only on thoughts survive
It can't be a record that plays
Over and over again
So long that it stops sounding
The way it sounded back then
You look into your rack
For new unplayed ones
And see none

For all were played to be enjoyed
But died in the hope of being heard

How long shall such
A sojourn go on
When shall you do the dream
That simply needs to be done

May 27, 2014

Being innocent and being foolish are two different things.

© Z.

September 27, 2013

Here and now

Its been a has been tough...the duel continues...

© Z.

September 18, 2012

Personal Branding

I want to separate out the word personal from branding. I think a personal brand is the moment when you start to lie. Focus first on the personal and you beat up all the competition instantly. Just being honest, being yourself, doing the work, applying the daily practice for just a few months, and your personal self will come to life more than it ever has before. You'll be honest with the people around you and that automatically beats all the competition because they’re too slick, too dishonest, too focused on their brands. You’re not focused on that anymore. When you come up with honest, sincere ideas for people, and you give rather than expecting to take, then you suddenly have separated yourself out from 99 percent of the competition. You win. And it’s that easy to do it.


May 14, 2012


Don’t leave it to others to take care of your image. If you are should work on your image too.


Stakeholder Management is the  most important skill to survive in Corporates


Keep your channels live and active…don’t let your boss be your only window to the world



Few critical lessons learnt from my first job. Time to move on. Hallelujah.