April 16, 2009

Great Boss

A great boss

  • Is not someone who solves tricky issues for you, but teaches you to approach them and stays there till you solve
  • Is not someone who is all the time around, doing most of what you should be doing
  • Is not someone who interferes with your job so much that folks think he/she's the one doing it, not you!
  • Is not someone who does all things 'strategic' and leaves the 'tactical' stuff for you
  • Is not someone who uses your informal conversations against you in formal forums
  • Is not someone who you makes you think its ok to be average
  • Is not someone who crucifies you for your delays, but is himself/herself late all the while
  • Is not someone who sees the micro level issues to such an extent that he/she loses sight of the bigger picture
  • Is not someone who agrees with you all the time
  • Is not someone who ignore you all the time
  • Is not someone who makes you wish you had quit long time back
  • Is not someone who kills the ambition in you to move ahead
  • Is not someone who makes you love your existing situation and be happy about it
  • Is not someone who chooses to talk to you only when his/her neck is on the line
Am sure there are many more instances of what a good boss is and isnt. Chip in.

© Z.

April 14, 2009

Nice nice day

Ho hummm...feeling light and airy today.

My new role worked out (thank god!) and am involved in coupla good projects. I love the way my blog looks...infact, now that I think of it...I should've archived all the screen shots of the themes I had for my blog...considering I keep changing them every 3-4 months..those would be a lot!

So generally folks...keep cribbing and cheering....life rolls on.. :)

© Z