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Great Boss

A great boss

Is not someone who solves tricky issues for you, but teaches you to approach them and stays there till you solveIs not someone who is all the time around, doing most of what you should be doingIs not someone who interferes with your job so much that folks think he/she's the one doing it, not you!Is not someone who does all things 'strategic' and leaves the 'tactical' stuff for youIs not someone who uses your informal conversations against you in formal forumsIs not someone who you makes you think its ok to be averageIs not someone who crucifies you for your delays, but is himself/herself late all the whileIs not someone who sees the micro level issues to such an extent that he/she loses sight of the bigger pictureIs not someone who agrees with you all the timeIs not someone who ignore you all the timeIs not someone who makes you wish you had quit long time backIs not someone who kills the ambition in you to move aheadIs not someone who makes you love yo…

Nice nice day

Ho hummm...feeling light and airy today.

My new role worked out (thank god!) and am involved in coupla good projects. I love the way my blog looks...infact, now that I think of it...I should've archived all the screen shots of the themes I had for my blog...considering I keep changing them every 3-4 months..those would be a lot!

So generally folks...keep cribbing and rolls on.. :)

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