September 01, 2009

No Title - II

In continuation of the last post...I actually thought about that line.


Dum hai boss.


I also realized, that besides the people I hate and my sweetheart (mutually exclusive please! J) I think about my friends and couple of other people too. And in this list of other people, I think of Allwin Agnel the most. I dunno why. I just think about him and that’s about it...! Not that I wanna join his firm or something (I’m basically a very lazy person & his firm is too charged up for my comfort :P ). He keeps flashing in my mind...and since I’m into psychology and stuff...I’m sure its symbolic of something. Dunno what though. When I have free time, I just open the PG forum or the Slog page...not that I look forward to any information or have something to contribute there...but...its an old habit which refuses to die hard. He hangs around in the back of my mind. Doesn’t say anything. I thought I’ll talk to him once and maybe the things would be ok...but no...when we spoke, we yakked away happily like 2 friends do when they catch up after long. So it’s not about him per se...but its something related to him...or something which he symbolizes. What is it?!! This line is driving me crazy.


Allwin will freak out when he reads this :- ))

No Title

I read this the other day, “We become what we think of”


It made me yawn. Or maybe it was the biryani I had for lunch that made me yawn. So, back to the statement. The author of this particular statement says that when you believe in this one line, it will change your life. And you’ll be happy, successful and find a BMW next time you scratch a detergent bar coupon (ok, that was made up)


“We become what we think of”. Hmm, what do I think of the whole day? I think of escaping from certain people I so hate, I think of what my better half must be doing, I think of how futile it is to struggle at times...infact, it amazes me now that I think more about people I don’t like than the ones I adore!


I’m so caught up in hating and getting back at those people, that I don’t think of anything else for most of the day! What a waste! But you know, these people (the ones you hate & vice versa) do such things to your self esteem, that you cant stop fuming about things.


Now, if I reduced thinking about them...I realize I have a huge period of thought time to fill up for. What can I think about? There’s this immediate deliverable I have which I so hate!! And I cant help thinking about it!!


Oh my God! I need to be cured! I need an asylum!