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Bhule Bisre

Hey... : ) !Today was one of those days when you hear from an old acquaintance and just can’t help smiling. Flashback – 15 years ago, we left a wonderful township to move to another city. My first best friend, C, comes from this place. Mom’s best friend S Aunty also hails from this place. S Aunty had 2 sons A & D. A was in the same class as my lil bro & Aa was 2 years younger to them. I still remembered these 2 brats as naughty boys who just wouldn’t sit still.Cut back to the present. Dad’s best friend P’s son N is in love with S Aunty’s niece. How they got to know each other is a LONG story. Now, mom, dad, sis, P Uncle & Aunty & N have gone visiting S Aunty and her family for a formal marriage proposal.In between all of this, I get a call from A. A’s exciting voice from other end of the phone goes “Di, guess who?!!!!!” To be honest, I didn’t have a faintest idea A would call, so I couldn’t guess...but when he let me know, I couldn’t stop smiling. What more...for like …

Some Saying

A bird sitting on a branch does not feel scared of the branch shaking, coz it doesn’t trust the trusts its own wings.