July 23, 2009

Bhule Bisre

Hey... : ) !

Today was one of those days when you hear from an old acquaintance and just can’t help smiling.

Flashback – 15 years ago, we left a wonderful township to move to another city. My first best friend, C, comes from this place. Mom’s best friend S Aunty also hails from this place. S Aunty had 2 sons A & D. A was in the same class as my lil bro & Aa was 2 years younger to them. I still remembered these 2 brats as naughty boys who just wouldn’t sit still.

Cut back to the present. Dad’s best friend P’s son N is in love with S Aunty’s niece. How they got to know each other is a LONG story. Now, mom, dad, sis, P Uncle & Aunty & N have gone visiting S Aunty and her family for a formal marriage proposal.

In between all of this, I get a call from A. A’s exciting voice from other end of the phone goes “Di, guess who?!!!!!” To be honest, I didn’t have a faintest idea A would call, so I couldn’t guess...but when he let me know, I couldn’t stop smiling. What more...for like 3-4 hours from the first call...I’d call him..he’d go “I’m in between something di, I’ll call you back”..and when he’d call..I couldn’t answer. So finally, we got speaking and I was wondering, why are we so keen to talk to each other? When we got talking, I knew : )

A kept coming to my city very often and it was his love interest AB which got him here. He asked me about my sweetheart...I was surprised he knew...but trust dad! We both kept chatting and it was such a wonderful feeling...you know...connecting to someone after a such a long time...one’d think there would be long silences ...but no...we both kept yakking and yakking...if one keeps one’s heart open to love & relations...there’s so many wonderful people who’ll pay ya a visit : )

A might be coming down soon...and I just can’t wait to meet him...my kid bro sure must’ve grown into a handsome hunk!

And both C & my dude were too busy to talk...so my blog gets to here from me first! :D

July 09, 2009

Some Saying

A bird sitting on a branch does not feel scared of the branch shaking, coz it doesn’t trust the branch...it trusts its own wings.