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Day 3-7 and Beyond

Oh yeah..I had to update about the remaining diet days…ummm…Day 3 was bananas & milks & soup…so u can imagine how it went! Started with banana shake...and veg soup and then some more veg soup and bananas and then some milk. If anyone wants to know how a banana fed cow looks like, meet me.Day 4 was all fruits & veg. Same old soup and same old fruits. I can sense their disdain when I reach out for them in the fridge.Day 5 was chicken & tomatoes. NOW WE ARE TALKING!! I made some nice chicken stew. ZERO oil. This lasted me till tea time. Dinner was Minced chicken..yumm!Day 6 was chicken & veggies. No chicken today as had no time to shop. Had the usual veggie fare.Day 7 was rice & veggie & fruits. Had everything except the ones mentioned here.So, Day 7 marked end of a uneventful diet program. The results? Well well…didn’t check!! Actually, didn’t bother to. But I have lost some inches and few of my old clothes which were on brink of being labeled as “Once worn, …

Day 2

All veggie day.

Starts with 2 boiled potatoes with a pat of butter (part of diet, before you wince!). Lunch was Subway veggie salad...some more of veggie salad in the eve.

I was feeling drowsy the whole day...infact, the morning began with a headache. As the clock ticked, I was getting more cranky and edgy. Towards the evening, went for a movie. Heehaahaaa..had a veggie sandwich & a tub of butter popcorn. And Pepsi. Day 2 ruined.


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Day 1

Day I of GM Diet is all fruits day, except bananas.

So the day begun with fruit salad...followed by apple..then guavas...then some chikoos...then pomegranate...and it was just 2 pm :(. Hunger pangs every 30 mins!

Had lots of water thru the day. Had to visit a batchmate's wedding in the eve. Well..err..had some spring rolls and paneer pakoras...but the dinner was a fruit plate.

Duh. It's so uncool, this diet.

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Day 0

There has been no mortal (the female kinds specially) who would not get charmed by the idea of losing weight without working out!

Latest victim is yours truly. The GM Diet begins tomorrow.

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Random Musings - whichever part

1. How can emotions rule finance?
2. How do you give unto someone, when you actually wanted her to give unto you?
3. How do you have your hands across something that's splitting from all sides?
4. How can time just fly when you were worried all day about how it will pass by?
5. Why do people want to control & micro manage?
6. What kind of people are control freaks?
7. How can you keep making promises to yourself and not honor them?
8. How can you be sure about your decision?
9. How do you provide solace to a upset heart thats given up on hope?
10. How can you make yourself do something that you just dont want to do?
11. Why would you want to do something that you dont want to do?
12. Why cant you not do what you dont want to do?
13. Why does it matter so much if it wasnt meant to be done?
14. What if it was meant to be, but you dont want to do it?
15. Back to Q # 10
16. Why is life so fucked up?
17. Do I have to round it off to 20 Qs?
18. What if I dont want to?
19. And who cares if I do or don…