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Hmm...HR did u say?

I am mean. Very very at times. But I cant help but laugh when I see folks with zilch experience in HR talk about their 'passion' for it. Mind you, I was one of them. Till sometime ago. I once wanted to blog about HR,infact almost decided to start one on it. Gautam does a good job and he's been in the industry for more than 5 years. So you know he aint talking through his hat. He knows his stuff.

Coming back to nubile newbies. What do u mean when you say you are 'passionate' about HR? When an employee makes you run 10 times before he fills in the appraisal form, will you still be so 'passionate'? And multiply that 10 times run * more than 100 employees. Fine. Automate it.

You train the employees and bring them to a better level. You act as a 'facilitator'. When the numbers grow, you outsource it to a leading T & D firm.

You need human resources. You chalk out the manpower planning and get down to recruitment. If it's a quaterly exercise,you do i…

Pet Peeves

One more tag..and again..Puneet it is!

X = People/folks/persons (u get the picture ;) )

X who dont reply to SMSes and e-mails. Too busy, u see!These same folks calling up and mailing you frantically when they 'need' you.When am interrupted while making a point.I'm real pissed off when in a debate, X simply rubbishes my points with a wave of his hand and smirks.X who say they'd call / drop by, but never really do.Too many questions.When my sis wants the fan on at a full blast and then uses the quilt!! WTH!!!When it takes more than 20-25 mins for my order to be served. On more than one occassion,I've walked out.X who cant make up their minds even after the deed is done. Typical eg. :- Purchase something- come home-think-think-think- go back to the shop-exchange!!X who judge others by their taste in books/clothes/music/food/TV channel/etc. Preferances can never judge the whole persona.When X cant take on me straight and use the Bypass Attack technique to get even.X wh…

Wah wah!!

With the MBA program coming to its end there's a spate of parties, averaging to 2 per day! Its at these places when the guys are in their real elements. Sample this couplet by one of them:-

"Hai jo tere ishq mein itna khauff,
Hai jo tere ishq mein itna khauff,
Then just F**k off, f**k off, f**k off!! "


© Zarine.


Yay. The New Year started with a bang. Literally and physically :))

Poor me was in an auto which looked real sad. The auto wala should've been in his Harem,counting his last days...but he chose otherwise. He drove the auto with so much zest,it would put the super sonic pilots to shame. And he banged into a bike. The auto jerked suddenly to the left - out I fell - auto followed suit - the whole damn machine landed on my ankle - OUCH!!!!!!

What next? Hospital, of course!! Thankfully had a pal - Ketan - along. Few moments of pain seem like eternity.I realised this when I was sitting outside the hospital, holding my ankle in agony and the watchman refused the wheelchair. Ketan tried his best to drive sense into the guy, but he wouldnt listen. He wanted us to take another entrance which led to the OPD. But here I could barely stand, leave along walking that distance. Someone else came along and thankfully let us in,with me on the wheelchair.

Trust me, I felt so funny. Sitting on that whee…