July 24, 2005

Am going surfing :D

Am off to Goa :D.

Will be back by 31st July.

In the morning,in the morning,in the morning by the Sea.... :)

July 21, 2005

Where's the problem??

He: "Get an attitude,gal!"


He:"I mean,how can you simply talk with anyone?Kuch bhaav dikha!"

Me: (Wondering what has hit him)

He:"I'll tell you how to do it.You know,talk in jargons and metaphors,when you argue show down the other person,show that you know more..and your blog..!! Post some sense...I mean the last one you posted.."

Me: (interrupts)"Hello?Didnt you read my rights? I have the right to not make any sense :))

He: "See? That's your problem!! Take yourself seriously.Dont let people mess around with you. Get a 'no non-sense' image. I'm telling you,people value you only if you play hard to get!"

Me:See...I dont talk or post to judge or appreciate my 'value'.I do it coz I like it,and if people think I dont make sense,so be it.I'd rather spend time laughing and chatting instead of trying to pose as someone who's "Miss.Know-it-all."

He: "Sigh! You dont get it,do you? Zarine...show some attitude for God's sake!!"

Me:"Look dude..I dunno what acc. to the definition of 'attitude' is,but for me it's something which defines your persona. And if my 'attitude' is to be laughing and be buddies sorts to anyone I feel like,so be it.Exclusivity may have it's own charm,but hey,I'm not intrested in being Princess Di!So...kindly....Shut up?" :)

Hell...damned if I do,damned if I dont!!

July 18, 2005

First Love :D

Till this happens .... >

<- Let this rule..!

July 15, 2005

My Personal Rights

Right to:-

I. Not make any sense.
II. Have my mood swings.
III. Think too much or to not think at all.
IV. Get the best deal.
V. Act in the interest of my well being.
VI. Protect my loved ones.
VII. Dream.
VIII. Work towards my dream.
IX. Stand by my beliefs / people I believe in.
X. Love/hate anyone I want to,as I want to.
XI. Take decisions pertaining to my life.
XII. Argue.
XIII. Question.
XIV. Stay silent.
XV. Pamper myself.
XVI. Not give any reasons/explanations for my actions.
XVII. Not share my personal life with everyone.
XVIII.Resist authority/responsibility/actions I don’t approve of.
XIX. Be objective when the situation demands.
XX. Take vengeance.

......And that's the way it is.

July 01, 2005

Nature's Personality Test

Whats ur personality? Chance to know about yourself !

The chance to know about yourself like your character etc. This test was devised by a famous team of psychologists from a British university. Here it is.....

Imagine you walked into a small hut by the river in the jungle. You pushed open the door, in front of you were 7 small beds to the right of the hut, and another 7 small chairs surrounding a small round table.

In the middle of the table was a round food tray with 5 kinds of fruit in it. There are:
a. Apple
b. Banana
c. Strawberry
d. Peach

Which fruit will u choose? Your choice reveals about u

Test results :

a. if you chosen apple: that means you are a person who loves to eat apple
b. if you chosen banana: that means you are a person who loves to eat banana
c. if you chosen strawberry: that means you are a person who loves to eat strawberry
d. if you chosen peach: that means you are a person who loves to eat peach
e. if you chosen orange: that means you are a person who loves to eat orange

Muahhhahahahahah.....Gotcha,didnt I? :D :D :D