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Travel Journals

There's something about travels. After reading this by Vipul, I took a trip down the memory lane.

I aint someone who enjoys traveling. Or so I thought. It turned out to be one of the thousand things which I think I dont like and end up doing. Shows how warped my sense of my own liking & disliking is :). I discover that I dont like lengthy commuting...which am sure most of us dont.

Coming back to the point, there is something about traveling & journeys. I've been to just 3 places wherein we just backpacked and left. Agra, Mussorie & Manali. There's this suspended are in a place where nobody knows you...every moment is a try to hold on your own when your being actually wants to get lost amidst the unknown feel so...fulfilled. The feeling makes you realise there's so much more to life than office & home drudgery. It's been close to 6 months since my last travel...but I can still recall how I felt w…

As it is

And so the day begins…total misalignment. Assuming today is Thursday, when it actually is Friday…I messed up couple of meetings. And what’s worse…I missed my Friday fast as well.What’s going on?


Today…I reacted to a bad news in a very bad manner….I should learn to control my emotions.