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Losing in relationships

How important is it?

When we meet someone who we like and would love to be associated with, we often greet the person with open arms in our lives. We realise the person's importance over a period when we spend time/moments/secrets/dreams with them. And one fine day, we find the person gone.

Lets not talk about a natural separation called Death, we cant do anything about it. It's about those separations which we knowingly/unknowingly bring into a relation.

Some people cant stand others getting too close to them. They start behaving in a wierd manner and try to create distances. Some people want the ones who are close to be more closer...classic eg:- Best friends marrying each other. What about those who fall in neither category?

These folks usually dunno how to handle it. They get edgy when someone gets too close...and they move away...and when the drift starts, they get uneasy and try to hold on, thus creating a mess outta the relation. Why cant we decide who we want to be close w…