November 27, 2005

I ran..!

Yahooo! I ran the 1o K run today morn :D :D :D

It was the first time and clocked arnd 100 mins to cross the finish line. We walked and jogged and ran and even after the Run was over,thanks to inertia of motion,couldnt stop :P

Err..yeh the legs are stiff and all tht..but then,it was nice :)

So,that was the 'First Time' of this month ( Me plans to do atleast one thing for the first time every month :D )

Later Added :- Alright,alright...the "We" were Rahul and I. Rahul is a pal from Pagalguy Forums. And the fact that he's damn cute made the journey that much easier...wht did they say about good company? ;)

November 20, 2005


Insecurity of losing love makes us mistakingly lose the friend in them ; insecurity of losing the friend makes us mistakingly fall in love with them.

November 16, 2005

Me ponders...

Our elders,or for that matter we ourselves take life so seriously at times...

What do u want to become?
What is your purpose in life?
Where are you headed?
How does this add value to u?

Bah..does everything have to be quantified and measured? Is success in life measured by how many awards u bag or the pay package u get? Can money really show one's worth? Is someone who's working in Lehman Bros,New York more 'valuable' than the one working in a local bank?

Life is one which creates another. Leaders mushroom leaders. Money creates more money. Anything that is respected today is coz of its ability to sustain itself against the test of time. Houses of quality werent build overnight.

The point being what is the driving force today? And in the race,how do u emerge 'successful' ? Am touching too many points here,but all of them are rushing in my mind at the same time.

Leave others,what would be my definition of a successful life? What can I say to claim that "I Lived!" ? HR as a profession is no more than a support function. Why am I taking up something like this where I wont be at forefront of any sorta creation? Long term goal would be to train. Train and change lives. And to change corporate life,you need to be a part of it. You need to see and understand from close quarters what ails the corporate soul. What drives and depresses him.

I used to wonder how training could touch,leave alone change,life? But after my Summers and attending a coupla training sessions,I realised what differance an effective trainer can make. People change the way they talk,the way they think!! They come up to the trainer with gratitude in their eyes,thanking him/her for pointing out his/her mistakes and helping correct them.

My life would be successful if I can create.Create a new life,create a new mind,a new line of thinking.Creations which would last and be passed onto generations.Creations which would make a differance in my field of interest,and humanity at large. But creations are first met with resistance. Initially by the mind,then by the inertia. Next by the world. But if the creation can survive the first two,the rest takes care of itself.

Making the mind believe you can do it and then actually getting down to doing it....

Boy,this post sounds more like me talking to myself .... :)

November 11, 2005

And then you learn..!

Life has a strange way of teaching its lessons.In a journey,nothing can be taken for granted and any sorta ignorance can get back to you when you least expect it to.

We have an evaluation system where 50% of the weightage is given to Internal Assessment (IA) and the remaining to External Assessment (EA).IA is done through assignments and all that jazz within respective centers. A is done by conducting a common exam across all the centers. Folks take it easy with IA, but when it comes to EA, everyone pulls up their socks as you are measured against 2500 students, no less!! The CGPA is arrived at by evaluating both the performances, the SGPA (Scholarship GPA) is determined by the EA alone.

Last week we got our EA marks. Today we got the CGPA grades for our last but one term exams. And I sat there staring at the screen. Shocked. Dazed, to be precise. Deaf to the commotion around me. I had topped in one of the papers in my EA. Deserves an 'A', obviously. But the scorecard read 'C'. My first reaction was to inform the admin that there was some mistake there as I couldn’t possibly get a 'C' after having topped that subj!! As I was about to leave my seat, it stuck me. This was the combined result of IA and EA, not EA alone. That realisation felt like a blow. I knew where I lost out....

A month before the end terms began, we had to submit an assignment. Now the subject -Industrial Relations - happens to one of my favourites. Somehow reading all those Labour Laws never seemed boring to me. With the end term approaching, the Prof. had asked us to give a handwritten report on 5 important laws, each one to be summarised within 2 pages!!! I dunno why, I simply lost interest when I heard that. The imp. international laws were to be done the same way. 25 marks weightage. 25% component of the whole grading for the subject.

I got down to it just a day before submission, but I hated it. I didnt like the way the laws were dealt with. You cant summarise pages of such important laws into 2 pages of A4 paper!! I decided to talk to the Prof. Next day, I met him and expressed my concern. I told him I cant complete something like this, though he could quiz me on the laws incase he wanted to check my knowledge. I was confident I was pretty good at them (The proof now being the EA marks). He refused. He said, I either submit it or risk losing those marks.

I didnt submit. Not used to doing things am not convinced about. So,while everyone was marked outta 100,I was being marked outta 75. In face of cut throat competition, 2-3 marks make a lotta difference and I threw away 25.

All this came flashing back as I was staring at my grade sheet. Thanks to the remaining subjects, the CGPA didnt suffer much, but this did leave a dent.

I was majorly upset after this. When the term had started, I had aimed for a scholarship this time. The IA wasnt much of a concern anyway, as I had always scored well there. Now even with the scholarship in hand (thanks to the EA), I was upset. Sometimes its so good when things are outta your control and you can blame others for anything that goes wrong. But when deep within your heart you know that you are responsible for what you are facing, it hurts even more.

It aint as much about the marks, as it is about the lesson that came outta this.

When you embark on a journey that's important to you, every step and every stop counts. You can never know the price you'd have to pay for bypassing a few to reach there in a hurry.

On a casual note: - Damn your convictions; they can damn you at times!