Principle 4.

Before I forget, not on a preaching program!!! I already mentioned in mah Principle 1 post that these were the lil rules I was setting for MYSELF.Read that again.MYSELF.For Zarine. Toh dont blame/criticise me if you dont find them fit for yourself...and btw,after Princi 1,I've stopped listening ;).

And now the last(!!) principle for this season.Once winter strikes in 2 months,we'll (I,me and myself) will be back with a new set of the same :D.

Dont carry it too far.Yepes,that's the princi 4.I was thinking...would it be better to frame it as "Draw your lines",but for those who arnt artistically gifted,I wont make much sense.But,hey,wasnt I writing these for myself? Whatever.

What you give to a relation.What you demand from it.What you expect from the Indian cricket team.What you expect from the Meteorological Dept.What you expect from Airtel (Grrrrrr).And the likes.Dont let it cross the rational limits.Airtel service personnel believe in Hutch.High time I did too,I guess.

Work.Fun.Leisure.Food.Crib.Fool around.Everything within it's limits.Only one thing in life can be done without caring about the limits.And that is that one thing which holds your passion.Go beyond the norm for that.Baaki sabh ko control mein rakhneka.

So,the Monsoon session of my parliament has drafted these 4 princis.4 frilly skirts :D.

1.Dont let anyone disturb you.
2.Dont take it to heart.
3.Dont throw attitude.
4.Dont carry it too far.

Ouch.Too many 'Dont's'.The commitee will take care of this in the upcoming session.That set will have all 'Do's' :D.Hopefully. :)

Honestly speaking,the 2nd princi is helping me more than anything else now.When the Placement Cell guy tells you that the Bullet hanging around your neck might come across as too rebellious for companies when they come hiring,it's Ok. If he doenst like this lil metal piece,I can understand.I dont mind.He's too cute to like stuff tough people adore.YEAH!! :D :D :D


Dear Z,

You ever heard of someone called Peter Druker? You r beginning to sound like him.

But seriously I think the Fundas you are dishing out 4 urself are quite good. Go on make as many of them as u want and defy them when u don't want to adhere to them. There is no one policing u on these except urself :)

Take care.
(And yes plz log my presence)
And yes I forgot to mention a Princi of mine:-A princi a day keeps the blogger away:))
amit said…
came to ur blog fr first time. nice one... seems i wud become a regular visitor...:).
Zarine said…
@ SK- How can an MBA not hear of Peter Drucker ;)?

True,the best and worst part of having principles is tht there's none to police u,save urself.And therfore,living with our ownself becomes difficult at times :).

@ Amit - Nice to have you here...hope to hear more frm ya :)
al said…
so sweet!!!

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