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The Futility of Hope

Let's hope for the best.Everything will be alright.Hope that things get better.I hope this nightmare ends.We hope,somehow,things will take turn for the better.

Hope.A fool's paradise.We hope only when we are having a bad phase.

I feel,Hope has being one of the biggest reasons for holding back people from doing anything constructive.Hope gives them a sense of false security that the bad time will subside and good times will prevail.Hope is life.BS.

Rather have a vision of where you want to be,what you want to do,how you plan to change the present circumstances to a more favorable one.Get up and start working on them.Just plain hoping will lay an egg on those plans.

Hope makes a person handicap.He ceases to act.He leaves things to destiny,'hoping' it'll change for the good.Whenever someone tells me,"Dont give up hope,such things keep happening.",I cringe.Mebbe such things happen...but what can I do to not make them recur? Just sit and hope they wont happen agai…

Friends Forever

Alright...I got bored of not bloggin :P.

But the reason I finally decided to punch in words on this blog was my pal,Chinnu.And am gonna get real senti here :P.

Once upon a time,a decade back, I had to separate from someone. That someone who was responsible for so many 'first's' in my life.

My first best friend.
My first sacrifice for a friend,came thanks to her.
My first rebellion against my parents.

We stayed in touch through letters and cards ( she hates emails!!) all these years..havent seen how we look after those lanky teenage years...but then,we lost touch in the past two years.

She was busy with her interior decoration career and I was busy with God knows what :)).And outta blue she called today :).I gasped so loudly in my office,my colleagues thought I had seen a ghost :P. She still rem'bers :).

And her call brought all back all those years...from my 3 std to 6 std flooding back into my memory.

Infact,my first 'sacrifice' for a pal is a cute story which still ma…

No topic for a change :)

And being an obedient citizen of the blogland,I too took this quiz :D.The result is...

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few.

What kind of blogger are you?

Smart ok...I knew that :D...Insightful..umm..really??!!! And a quality read?? Ok,enough,stop laughing now!! :D.

L square

Wokay!!! Time for a poem :D..! And coz a good pal had called up to enquire why my blog is getting so philosophical day after day,this poem is on a slightly lighter vein :).

A general timepass stuff...but I enjoyed writing this one,always wanted to write a narrative poem..:)!

Once there were two lovers,
Let's call them Lala and Lily.
Lily was a serious gal,
And Lala was wily.

Lily felt the love was forever
And Lala's name made her heart a beat miss
Lala felt it took forever
For Lily to give a nod for their very first kiss.

And so Lily and Lala
Were on the ninth moon,romancing
Amidst the fun and gala,
Lala realised,something was missing.

He turned around and asked Lily,
"Am I the only one you love,sweetie?"
Lily laughed and said,"Of course,yes silly!
You are my heart and am your cutie!"

Lily believed she too was the only One
In the life of her handsome knight,
When one fine day under the Sun,
She saw Lala with a hot chick,Emy Wright.

Hell broke loose and Lily cried rivers
Her pligh…


Quite some time since I wrote a poem yaar!! Age is catching up or wht? Am I losing my touch ?? Is the world getting to me ??? Am I going insane ????


This will be me (?)

At lunch today,all the trainees were discussing where we would see ourselves few years down the line.Of course,this question was already posed to us by our Project Manager on our first day but the answers then were the rehearsed,'politically correct' ones.

Today the answers were different.Some were frank enough to say,"No idea".Some said the usual "Job-marriage-kids".I surprised myself with my answer.My answer was different too,from the first time.I said something like this :-

"Few years down the line,I see myself walking all alone.People will come and go.But none will stay.They will either race ahead or lag behind.But none will match their pace with mine.All my pals will still be there,and I'll still be lonely.Life for me will be work or no work ( not more work ;) ).Nothing more,nothing less.I dunno if I'll be smiling more often then,but I sure would be complaining less for, I shall live the way I want to."

Baap wouldnt like to hear…

This and that.

Today my colleague at mah office said this :-

"Sometimes ,as u are rushing through ur daily routine,racing against time and madly lost in the humdrum of a banal life,you simply stop.You feel you cant go on anymore.And then you think of that someone who loves you more than anyone/thing else in this world,and you smile.Time to move on :)."

And when I visited her place,her Granny said," You kids will remain as kids till you get married.Dont call yourselves adults as of now!"

Oooff,when will our elders grow up!