January 30, 2005

On my marks,get..set......forget it!!

Got my sems from tomm,and unlike the first sem where I felt I could atleast scratch through,this time it feels like I'd badly need assitance even to manage that much!

Huuuhhh....too much load,man! I just hope by the time the results are out,Dad and me are not in the same station!! Post Grads mein bhi Grades ka tension,wht sick life! When will Dad realise I dont need Grades to get me a job?? ROFC!!

January 28, 2005

Intelligent Men = Dumb Women.

Why do you like something?

You like it because you can relate to it,you identify with it.It makes you feel good.Identify with it.

Intelligent men like dumb women.Reason cited :- They dont feel 'threatened' in their company.They are comfy with them.
Source :- Internet.

Either elevates the dumb women's status,or degrades the intelligent men's.Choose for yourself.

And that also explains why women with a mind tend to be alone/have failed marriages/broken relationships.Nah,wont just blame one party.Earlier,women were expected to compromise most of the time (Heck,ALL the time!).But now she doesnt see a reason why she should.Back then,financially she was dependent.Now she isnt.Even if the man wants to settle for a compromise,the lady is still thinking twice.

I thought intelligent company makes you more intelligent.But the men's tghts seem to differ.Oh k! Now I know,why my aunt would always warn(!) me before every party."Keep your mouth shut dearie,u know too much.Men dont like gals who talk,they want those who can digest their crap quitely.We dont want you to branded as 'fast',do we?" Alritey Aunt,if keeping my mouth shut at such parties gets me an 'intelligent' guy,then to hell with such parties and to hell with such guys.

BTW,any chance of a 'Super Intelligent' guy existing?

January 21, 2005

Hey,I'm good,really!

There's this sect of folks who believe in showing off their knowledge base to one and all.They'll talk and talk and talk.Everywhere.With Everyone.They need to tell people that they know.How good they are and how well-read and all that horse s***.Like one of them told me,"Zarine,unless you talk,how will they know how good you are?!" What non-sense! (Or like S would put it,"Gah,what crap!" )

Granted,these days you gotta 'sell' yourself,but why carry your encyc on your sleeve all the time????It's like you trying to convince yourself about your abilities more than the other party!That brings me to another topic.Of talkative people.

From what I've observed and gathered,talkative people tend to be lil insecure deep down.There's this restlessness about them,they are constantly engaged with something or the other.Very hyper and at times,edgy too.Most of them are pretty confident,and this makes it more intresting.Insecurity and Confidence combo.You have to balance them properly,coz if either gets an upper hand,you are at the extremes.You either get into deep depression/fraustration coz of the insecurity or get over the top coz of the extra confidence.

Umm.Where would I rate myself?Extremely moody.I may kick the person I idolise,if I'm in the wrong frame of mind!I WAS talkative,but now it all depends on my audience.Jaisi sangat,waisi fitrat.And this is what I hate the most!!!!!!!!! Talking abt myself in mah blog! Argh!!

January 19, 2005

Jan 19,2005

Today is the "Whisper,'I Love You' " Day.

So go ahead,do the needful :).

January 18, 2005

P for Pppressssurrre

When things pull you in all possible directions,shrug your shoulders and pay each one a visit! Handling stuff , one thing at a time, helps.Just keep in mind not to lose yourself in the maze! :D

January 15, 2005

Me's Back! :D

Am glad,the blog's just the way I left it! :D

Oh k,so now about my trip.Man,didnt it feel good! Stepping outta Hyd after 10 god damn years!I almost forgot how to travel! But,did manage pretty well :).

We left on 9th eve by a Volvo.Umm..was initially a lil uncomfy while sleeping,but Vishu's shoulder makes for a good pillow :D!Reached Pune at around 4 am,but was too lazy and sleepy to get down.Had breakfast at some hotel on the uphills to Mahabaleshwar (MBW!).It was a all marathi fare...missal pav,batata vada,this puri and that sev ! Damn yummy! :D .Reached MBW by 11 am.And I had a deluxe room all for myself :D!Met folks from other centers there.After the intro,had a photo session.Had lunch,this time Gujju stuff.So much meetha man!Everything tasted sweet!!

Had a quick nap and then headed for the sightseeing tour.We went for boating,and right in between the lake,Vishu and Umang gave up! Had to maska marofy them to keep pedalling!The weather was tooooo chilly,with the temp reaching 5 deg at nights!Wahan se,went to the local market and shopped and shopped :D!Came back,had dinner and a DJ night.Didnt feel like dancing after such a heavy dinner! Dance parties on all the nights made sure we hardly slept after the dinners.

Day 2:- Inspite of our TL reminding us to be there at the Conference by 9,we were still at the breakfast table at 9.20!One thing I've realised,men sure do take LOT MORE time to get up and get going then gals do!! I had to wait for nearly 40 mins,for my gang to finish their morning chores and join me for breakfast! Got royally delayed for the conf.Thankfully,it hadnt started by the time we got seated.But the TL was damn pissed off.The VP's address was postponed to the 2nd day of the conf,so we had few 'brainstorming sessions' on the first day.Our team bagged one of the prizes.The conf went upto 4.This was followed by the culturals night,where all the teams had to perform :-O! We weren't prepared with anything,so cooked up a skit on sholay,remixed it and presented.And got royally jacked by the culturals commt the next day!Sheesh,so much for spontaniety and on-the-spot thinking!

Day 3:- Was dot on time for the conf! :D 9am sharp!Inspite of having aloo and methi parathas for breakfast :P!The agenda was the intro of all acheivers across India and the VP's address.And as boredom began creeping in,the VP took the stage.The way he pulled up last time's TLs' and their achievements in this quarter,was akin to pouring ice cold water right on ur head!Everybody woke up!His voice was commanding,and he sure was a tough task master!The next set of TL's quickly said their silent prayers and headed for the stage.Kasam se,sabki vaat lag gayi thi!This done,all the achievers were given the medals and cheques & the conference was over.

We then visited the Table Tops and caves.Wanted to catch the Fort too,but we were getting late :(.Checked the Mapro (the leading producer of strawberry goods in MBW)factory outlet and bought strawberry in all possible forms and recipes!The Jelly toffees are cool too :D.

With all expenses being taken care of by the college,the trip was a learning experience on how to control yourself,when everything is on the house :))!

The Ghats rock!(Literally :)) )So does the cheese! 4 days of pure veg food for a hard core nonveggie like me,was impossible to think of.But,at MBW I realised veggie food can be sexy too :D .
We came back by train.Did nothing but slept!The 4 days at MBW saw us sleeping for hardly 6 hours!

All in all,just the kinda break you need 2 weeks before ur end terms.Now get back to the grind,lady!!

January 08, 2005


Hi Blog Bhai and Bhai's visitors,

Apun going outta town.Mahabaleshwar :D.Will be back by Friday.
Till I'm travelling,take care.And make sure the Shoutbox is safe and sane :D.


January 03, 2005

Love you Dad

Dad's outta station.Initially,I was like,"Yahoo!! Freedom!!",but now miss him sorely :(.

Earlier,thanks to some strict rules and constant reminding to take care of myself,I used to get so fed up!I was like,"Fine!!I know,gimme a break!!"

Now,it's been more than week since Dad left.And today,when I called him to seek permission to go to Mahabaleshwar this weekend with the gang,he was his usual self.After a long list of Do's n Dont's,came the "Take care,beta." And I realised how much I miss him :((.

Love ya lots,Addu.Come back soon...

January 02, 2005

Jack and Jill

They must've gone up the hill,but me was wondering how important it is to be jack/jill of all trades!

I was and am still struggling with my Fin mgmt paper.Tuesday got a test.And I was wondering ( Got lots of time,na? :)) )why do I need to study this saduu,dry subject when am least intrested in it? Age old question.Why study when you arn't intrested? I wanna specialise in HR,so let me live with that na!

Lil common sense would tell ya,to specialise you need to generalise first (Wow,that was a good line ;) ).Any cardiologist does his general MBBS first.You gotta have a idea of everything functions,before you choose what interests you.Otherwise,pals like VS I mentioned in my earlier post,would still be wondering.(And he still is.Jan 5 is the last date to submit optionals list,pata nahi kya karega banda).And so,yeah,coming back to why I should study finance? First,a very honest reason.Vengeance.This was the subject which pulled down my grade in First sem.Second,no choice :(.Padho,give any damn,colorful reasons,face it,you have no option but to study.SO u either slog or slither or sulk,you gotta face the music.And I know,kuch bhi karo,I'll end up with a 'C' only! So..........let's masti tonight :D.Vishujaan will teach FM tomm.:D...Long live friends who know Finance :)).

January 01, 2005

Appy Yew Near Da :D

Happy happy happy new year to....Chinnu,Zarru,Vinti,Seema,Munnu,Vishu,
Vishwas,Nikhz,Subbu,Vishal,Allwin,Anil,Uday, Kalyan, Omi,Ron,
Arjun,Shri,All Puneets :mg: ,Apurv,Akshat,Bharathi,Chandoo,Arun,Sowm,
Girish,Noxious, Varsha,Hiba,Ujjala,Ritz and Suhail :).

May God Bless all of you with all that your heart desires :)