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Yeh kya hai?

It's such a turmoil at times...what's right...what's wrong...peace of for for self..

Am a lil disturbed off late...and it has a lot to do with the way things are in my life right now.The more judgmental one is, the more the disgust. This is it this way..tht's not how its done...In the effort to to bring in some sanity to life, we bring in lots of rules, hoping that it will streamline everything. But it again doesnt work that way, does it?

Peace of mind is lost when we anticipate & experience sorrow before it comes. It's also lost when we think we deserve something & dont get it. This 'deserve' germ can actually harm us in more ways than we can imagine. Are we such good judges of self to understand what we truly deserve? majorly coz we dunno yet what makes us happy. If somebody is happy doing his own thing, and we cant do our own thing, we become unhappy. Its so relative. Why cant…