February 12, 2006

8 bahane karke....

One great thing about Blogosphere is Tags :)). When u dunno wht to blog abt,here comes a tag to ur rescue :D.

Surbhi, the lovely one, has tagged me. She's intrested in knowing 8 things I'd want in my "Partner in Crime" - P.I.C (tht's wht I prefer calling "him" ;) ).

  1. Knows what to talk and when to talk! He should sense the situation and act accordingly.
  2. Loves food and loves to cook/experiment with it. (Btw, I jus discovered Upma + Sauce and Butterscotch + Choc sauce are good combos. Infact, anything with Choc sauce on it is good, what say, LLVP? ;) )
  3. We shouldn't have to seek permission from each other to do things. As in,if a pal is in town, I can invite him over without thinking what will my P.I.C think. If he feels like going for a trek, he can. No restrictions whatsoever. As long as we know abt each other's whereabouts, P.I.C can be in Honolulu for all I care..! :D
  4. Should be able to deal with my mood swings using the right techniques ;).
  5. Should tease, pull my leg, make my life difficult with his antics! :))
  6. Simply hug and cry when he feels like. I'd always want him to share his anger, fraustrations, disappointments, failures with me.
  7. Have no hangups when it comes to helping around with homely chores. Mil baatke kaam karenge :P
  8. Shouldnt think twice before holding my hand infront of his pals. Rather introduce me as "Meet my Angel!" (Wow!!!)
Short and sweet na :)

Am really intrested in knowing abt P.I.C of the foll folks. Puneet,Ranj & Ranjan are already tagged, so remn:-

  1. Vipul (u knew this was coming ;) )
  2. Mike
  3. Subbu (Gotcha!! :D)
  4. Girish (Puhleez,blog!!!)
  5. Hirdu

© Zarine.

February 11, 2006

Blinded by Fear

2 things. Firstly,well,apologies for the long hiatus. MBA's over,so was taking the much needed break.

Next, the sequel to the preceding post. Honestly speaking, as much as I thought I knew the answers, I realized that they were only based on my second hand experiences. Experiences which could possibly be someone else's perception and my not being a part of the 'real' thing, can distort the whole picture. So, this is for all those who were kind enough to comment :- Lemme take the plunge and I shall share with you all what I see beneath the surface. Thanks again for all those comments... :)

I really like Mike. He makes me think,esp this post of his. It talks about dreams not been achieved coz of fears and the most dreaded fears coming true.

So after a really longggggggggggg time,here comes a Psychological Post :)

When we dream,those dreams are not neccessarily our own. They're often colored by the expectations of the people around us (like almost every other thing abt our existence). If folks around you are doctors and engineers, your 'dream' would be to become one too, unless these folks gave you enough space to see,think and explore about other careers. In such cases,then you end up choosing a different career, mostly. Now was this choice just to break away or did you really want it?

Why do we fear? Because we have something to lose. Can be anything, but the biggest fears are those associated with the loss of non-materialistic stuff. Losing one's name, prestige, face, identity, ego. We fear because we are not sure. Neither of the outcome nor of our capability to handle it. We fear what can most prolly happen. Coz we are aware of the reasons that build up its existence. U score well in maths and u goof up the biology paper. You dont fear maths result,u fear the biology one. When you know that you have somehow paved way for tht dreaded thing to come alive, you only wait in anticipation for it to occur. The "Self Fulfilling Prophesy" concept, i'd like to believe, stems from this context.

Now lets connect dreams and fears. If you arnt' really sure of your dream and the reason you are pursuing it, chances are that you dunno whether you are heading in the right direction. If you arnt aware of the means to the end, you might get lost midway. A moment of uncertainty is enough to light the spark of fear. The fear of the unknown. You dunno what's gonna come up next. You dunno how you'll deal with it. And since you arnt sure of your dream, you find yourself confused and disillusioned. That shaking of the belief, that questioning of faith and doubts, all combined together, have laid the foundation for Fear. Welcome to Hell, honey. The Fears have now blinded you. And the only way you can get out of something is to go through it. Breaking away from it will give ya more clarity of purpose.

(Time to get into consultative mode ;) )

How do we overcome this Fear??

Read the para that connects Dreams and Fears and thou shalt find the answer :) .

Btw, ever wondered that Fears can actually be triggers to find what sets you free? :)

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