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8 bahane karke....

One great thing about Blogosphere is Tags :)). When u dunno wht to blog abt,here comes a tag to ur rescue :D.

Surbhi, the lovely one, has tagged me. She's intrested in knowing 8 things I'd want in my "Partner in Crime" - P.I.C (tht's wht I prefer calling "him" ;) ).

Knows what to talk and when to talk! He should sense the situation and act accordingly.Loves food and loves to cook/experiment with it. (Btw, I jus discovered Upma + Sauce and Butterscotch + Choc sauce are good combos. Infact, anything with Choc sauce on it is good, what say, LLVP? ;) )We shouldn't have to seek permission from each other to do things. As in,if a pal is in town, I can invite him over without thinking what will my P.I.C think. If he feels like going for a trek, he can. No restrictions whatsoever. As long as we know abt each other's whereabouts, P.I.C can be in Honolulu for all I care..! :DShould be able to deal with my mood swings using the right techniques ;).Should te…

Blinded by Fear

2 things. Firstly,well,apologies for the long hiatus. MBA's over,so was taking the much needed break.

Next, the sequel to the preceding post. Honestly speaking, as much as I thought I knew the answers, I realized that they were only based on my second hand experiences. Experiences which could possibly be someone else's perception and my not being a part of the 'real' thing, can distort the whole picture. So, this is for all those who were kind enough to comment :- Lemme take the plunge and I shall share with you all what I see beneath the surface. Thanks again for all those comments... :)

I really like Mike. He makes me think,esp this post of his. It talks about dreams not been achieved coz of fears and the most dreaded fears coming true.

So after a really longggggggggggg time,here comes a Psychological Post :)

When we dream,those dreams are not neccessarily our own. They're often colored by the expectations of the people around us (like almost every other thing ab…