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At times I'm a little lost. Something is on in my mind, but I have no clue what it is. Moving ahead becomes difficult coz something is holding you back. Restlessness and anxiety take over. What on earth is happening?

I feel like walking alone in the night. Guess that should soothe me down...


© Zarine.

All the best, buddy.

Vipz, all the best as you start your career. My prayers will always be with you. Stay firm during the tough times for they are the signs of coming happiness. Take care of yourself and hold yourself above shallow characters. Make mistakes and learn from them. Grow from strength to strength. In any moment of doubt, just remind yourself that you are one of the most precious things I posess. And anything that I prize is the best that Life can offer to anyone.

You are the best - Never forget that.

Will stay your pal forever,


© Zarine.

Killer V.

Vengeance is a powerful driver. It takes you over and makes you lose sight of sense. To give back as you got it gives one a sense of Power. The power to make/mar someone's life. In the heat of the moment - when the other person is at 'your' mercy - you have to make the call. Pull the trigger or let him go. All those past moments flash in your mind, hormones start racing your heart and you pull the trigger. Peace. Its over. Or is it a begining of a tumultous future?

I have seen people take revenge. I remember that smile on their face and their emotionless eyes. Some people hurt/kill others to remove all that symbolised a painful past. They think by removing that person, they can shrug off their past. Or if they give that person his 'due', they'd feel better. It's been a while since I saw someone, who destroyed/spoiled someone else's life, lead a peaceful life himself. Has anyone of you witnessed this?

Not taking revenge is considered a sign of cowardliness…

I babble too.

Sob sob..the last post reminded me of the times when I saw this flick with Vipul the Pahwa, right a day before the final exams..! :( Vipullllll...........:(((((((((


Waise, on work got a nice boss (touchwood, *nice* is an understatement! ). He keeps enquiring if I have resumed blogging?! Dont stop blogging and get a life outside work are his commands for the week :)). Okay not blogging coz he asked me to..(see see boss, am so nice :P ), am blogging coz I feel like..(yeh right!! :)) )


I thought of penning down a post on "Lies and all that lies beneath them" (waah waah, what a title!!), but I felt so good after thinking out the title that the post will now have to wait (hehehehehe..lazy me cooks excuses like nobody's business :D )


Umm..thats it for now.

Vipul come back soon re...dumbass, who goes travelling in hot summer??!!!

© Zarine.

Ziddi ladki.

What I reallllyyyyyyyyyy like abt this pic and the song "Khalbali" is the "break free" mood it carries. Umm..thts me all the way :)

Aha..I feel like typing down the lyrics (since all u folks arnt fortunate enough to hear me croon it :D ). The parts of the song I love :-

hone hone de nasha khone khone ko hai kya - 2
ek saans mein pee ja zara zindagi chadha
hai yeh toh ek jashan tu thirakne de kadam
abhi saanson mein hai dam abhi chalne de sitam

aankhon mein hai khalbali
dhadkanon mein khalbali
mausamo mein khalbali
hai khalbali

kaisi yeh tabdili hai
sheeshi botal pee li hai
raat neeli neeli hai
hai khalbali

And this one :------------>

Ziddddiii ziddddii ziddddiii zidddiii
Ziddddiii ziddddii ziddddiii zidddiii armaaaan
Ziddddiii hai toofaaan
Zidddddii hum bhi yahaan..!

Yeh right, outright ziddi and proud of it :).

© Zarine.

Thinking aloud

This post was long overdue..but then I had to make it. :)

I've lead a strange life. One where I dont get what I aspire for. When I settle for something lesser, all that I wanted falls right into my lap! I always knew myself as a fighter. I'd fight for anything and everything! So when life doesnt give me what I want, I take what it gives me and turn things around.

With time, I have seen myself grow more comfortable in my skin. My definition of achievement/success are my own now. I no longer aspire for someone else to commend me for what I've done (rather I wince when folks say I've done well!).

It's gonna be a straight from my heart I might sound vain at times...

Thanks to all the people who walked out of my life...who ditched me..dumped me...betrayed me. Now I know that the only person who'll see me through all this is Myself. I have had instances when I almost broke up with those who are now in my "Indispensable Folks" list. I chose not to rea…