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Vipul the Pahwa seriously posts here about masks and all.

I dont see any problem with masks. Not everyone deserves to know you as you are. Different people, different situations and therfore a different you. As long as you can control who you are, no issues.

At some time the mask will come off, you say? Then lemme put it this way. Replace masks with faces in the above para. Now now faces dont come off,do they? ;)

Itna sonchneka nahi life mein. Jab situation jaisa hai,waisa react karneka.

© Zarine.

Lost in 'Space'.

I like this place man. Feel like talking forever here :).

Since all my pals turned into bewafaas and left me to join their jobs/homes, am all by myself. Useless things pass my mind and I'm too lazy to ponder over them :P. Raving raving and ranting ranting about nothing at all.

I read somewhere "People want space in their relationships". I wanted too. Before I knew it was all BS. Now I'd rather have my guy calling me up and bugging me all the time than having 'space'. I'll just say "Quid pro quo,hon" and he'll back off :D.

What space man..kya karoge space ka? Why do u want any emptiness in a relation? Why cant u be your respective selves anyway? Before you know, that space turns into a huge gap which would require a bridge to close the divide. Cherish the proximities. Not everyone is lucky to have their loved one by their side :(.

IF there's enough respect in a relation, you'd naturally let the other person be as he/she is. "Space&qu…

Who's listening anyway?

With lots and lots and lots and lots of time to kill, I am surfing the Net most of the time. What surprises me is the number of blogs, forums and networking sites that are running. Everyone (well, almost) has a blog these days. We got forums that have people coming together and discussing stuff. And you ought to be extinct if you havnt heard of Orkut.These places are good for creating new links in our lives. You get to meet so many folks and your circle expands. So far so good.

The Net has empowered everyone with the Freedom of Opinion. You can simply pick up some topic and state your thoughts about it. Though this is a good thing which sets one's gray cells thinking, what worries me is the authenticity of such opinions. If I need to know about something, how do I know who to listen to?? Too much of information is a burden now.

Everyone puts across their 'opinion' making the content subjective to some extent. Right,left and center we got portals and websites asking you to v…

So we begin..!

Ok. New Blog. New Beginning. Really?

Nah! :D It's the same me but in a new,improved package :)).

I got 2 more (sad) months to go before I join mah job. Till then I decided to hand over the reins to mom. The going has been smoother than I imagined :D.

Am jumping around the house...And yeah,am gonna make Aloo Paranthas for breakfast on Sunday morn :D.

Wow man...intellectually void posts are fun!! :))

© Zarine.

Brand New Day


I dont like carrying the luggage of the past. Hence an altogether new blog. One cant erase one's history, so that old blog stays just the way it is.

Life's got a new beginning in more ways than one. It's not a new chapter but a whole new book!

So....zooooooommmmmmmmm innnnnnnnnn to the Futurrrrrreeeee....! :D

Fear in the Society

Cross posting it from Desicritics.

Can freedom and fear co-exist? Going by the recent cartoon controversy, apparently not. Freedom by definition is the ability to do think/ act/ speak without constraints and causing harm. Fear is something which stops you from doing the same because of the consequences.

In a democratic set-up like India and the US, fear has become a part of the national fabric. The US citizens are afraid of paedophiles, of been robbed on the roads at gun-point and after 9/11, the whole country is cautious. Is this the price one pays for freedom?

Rang De Basanti has been applauded by most of us. Like armchair missionaries we appreciate anything that represents the cause. But seldom do we take it up on ourselves to change the system. A Manjunath or Satyendra Dubey, upright citizens who died on duty, reaffirm the fear. We choose to keep quite because the consequences scare us. The Freedom of speech and expression may incite many to voice their concerns, but unless an Act t…