May 16, 2011

Far far away, lived a nomad…amidst high gray mountains and the scorching desert land. He would tread the hills, staring at the clear blue sky above. The majestic Sun would shine down on him and question his wanderings. The nomad was searching for something…he didn’t exactly know what.


He would look at scenery around him and wonder…wonder about how the nature got to be there and what would happen to it tomorrow. His mind was just as his own physical state…clueless and without a destination.


Very rarely, his thoughts would cross the high mountains and wonder what lies behind them. What did those rocks hold in their cradle? But increasingly, he started believing that his world was within these hills….and what happened beyond them was neither in his control nor his concern.


Night would fall, and he’d continue staring at the stars. He wanted answers from everything around him. Wanted them to justify their existence to him. But why? Did the moon and the stars and the rocks owe him anything? It was he who had adopted them as his world, not them. They could and would carry on their solitary existence without any thought. Then what led him to seek answers from them?


Days and nights would just pass by with the nomad staring and lying motionless in his own world. The ironical aspect of the whole situation was…this ‘nomad’ had never traveled. He was a nomad by his own belief, not his actions.



One Liners

Faith is a cop-out. If the only way you can accept an assertion is by faith, then you are conceding that it can’t be taken on its own merits.
  - Dan Barker


I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
  - Douglas Adams


If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.
  - Dorothy Parker


The world is governed more by appearances than realities, so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it.
  - Daniel Webster


Leadership is all about being granted permission by others to lead their thinking. It is a bestowed moral authority that gives the right to organize and direct the efforts of others. But moral authority does not come from simply managing people effectively or communicating better or being able to motivate. It comes from many sources, including being authentic and genuine, having integrity, and showing a real and deep understanding of the business in question. All these factors build confidence


May 06, 2011

How do you know if you have the courage? Is it the ability to..


·         …face uncertainties?

·         …take tough calls and not the popular ones?

·         …not bow to the bullies?

·         …give a damn?

·         ... confess your mistakes when the stakes are high?

·         …stand up and speak for yourself when none’s listening?


How do you know?



May 04, 2011

As Hypocritical As It Can Get

Latest corporate mantra – G**nd mein dum nahi, hum kisise kum nahi : -)