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My Lady!

I HAD to post this.
What’s with old school romanticism man? “Those were the days…those were the women..those were the times…that was love…blah blah blah”.If 50 yr olds are making that point, I get it. If a 30 yr old does it..he’s just trying to be popular with the old boys! C’mon…whatever this generation is…its because the one previous to it honed it that way…if you don’t like it..blame yourself!“Ladies in those days had their own grace”. Yeh. Right. Let me try that grace when I’m pulling up the Sourcing manager. “Ladies in those days had their own nakhras.” Yeh. Right. Will my boss be ok if I did those ‘nakhras’ in office…Ouch! :DWhat they want to say is…ladies in those had nothing better to do than act to their whims & fancies…complain about the pickle taking longer than when he looked at her ‘in that way’… I’m sure they did much beyond than twirling their dupattas arnd their thumb…but these ppl..these men…they want those dolls back coz they cant handle the brazen at…