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When it rains, it pours

The last couple of days have been such a roller coaster emotional ride. Not in a sob sob/ grin grin manner, but I feel some sort of realisation..a dawn..turning a heavy duty page over sorta feeling.

Negative people seem to take disproportionate time of your day, compared to the positive ones. While the definition of positive and negative essentially is people who you find agreeable or not, but one seems more obsessed with converting the negatives ones over instead of consolidating the positive ones. It's akin to conquering more terrain while leaving the already conquered in a 'maintenance-only' mode. Why is it so important for everyone to agree with you? That's the first of the warning signs of narcissism. Husband pointed out that I'm not very good at 'giving it back' to the nasty ones and tend to internalise it. That my relationship with such folks has a very very long tail before it finally tapers off into oblivion. There will always be this finite number…


I called hubby at work and spoke to him in a very formal, business tone over an upcoming appointment with our builder. He responded in an equally professional manner.

I found it too hot!! Script for next time ;)

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Grinning monkey

I'm smiling today for no particular reason. I was in midst of mundane corporate activity called "forecasting". Something we do to give ourselves an illusion of control. And subsequent work. Eg. Forecast something, break it down to measurable stuff, monitor against planned, report against variance with action plan. Send lots of colorful dashboards for the above while highlighting people and random activities in bold. See?

Work would've been a funny place if people didn't take it so personally. But you cant blame pays their bills and holidays (or depending on the pay - holiday plans).

I was actually smiling because I have begun to see how pointless it is. It usually boils down to making your work seem important in the larger scheme of things and then complicating it with work-life balance, job satisfaction, progression, compensation, value addition, castration.. not really ;).

11 years of working and I realise only 2 things matter. To me. 1. Pay  2.Visibi…