October 30, 2005

It's cold out there.

Take a flight,into the night
A dark,endless expanse of a cold unknown future
To stop and look behind
Is to bask oneself in the false glow of comfort

Comfort which arose from the warmth
Of all those who loved and cared to smile at you
False, as gone are all of them
With you just gazing at the blank emptiness...

Look ahead with a decisive purpose
To move on and take it as it comes
But when will the hope of having
Someone who shares the vision die..?

As life seems like a prose
Like a poem which doesnt rhyme
A tree which hasnt seen the spring
A leaf waiting to touch its ground ..

I fly off....into the dark,the unknown.....
But its cold out there..
The warmth beckons me back
But what shall I choose to have
A hope which has no future,
Or a future which has no hope?

October 24, 2005

Congratulations....n Celebrations...!!

Dearest Vishu and Vipul...

Today the Almighty God did the next best thing to both of you (the first one being me :D ).

You know,all this while,I've been holding back...waiting till all of us got placed...but boy,

A silent prayer for ICICI and TCS respectively, as well...may God award these firms with enough strength to deal with both of ya ;)

And yeah Vipul dude,abh to hum bhi taana marenge "Padhai mein mann kyun lagega,placement toh hogaya na?!" ;) ;)

Truly...very happy for both of u...:)



Ps:- BTW,kindly consider yesterday's party as the one from my side.I cant bear throwing another one for dehaatis like you :D :D

October 21, 2005

Life is fair,afterall :)

So Qazi Tauqeer and Rooprekha win Fame Gurukul (a singing compt on Sony TV). Two people who always went by their heart,didnt indulge in dirty politics when it came to voting out participants and always believed that they could make it. Esp. Qazi - the underdog. Right from the beginning,his peers thought he didnt deserve to be there.He always maintained that he had the passion and will to succeed and held nothing against his peers for thinking bad about him.

And the bandar becomes the sikander :). I like these kinda success stories,wherein a person comes at the top,beating all odds that were stacked against him.Kudos dude...keep rocking :).


post on Hirdu's blog aptly sums up the confusion and anxiety of a middle aged life. True,absolutely true.

This world is full of people who cant get out of their "environmental determinism" i.e a state wherein the person blames the environment for his state.Boy,am fed up of coming across such folks. They cant let go of their past,everything that is happening to them today is coz of someone else and someone else is to be blamed for it.

In the midst of such chaps,one comes across someone like
Allwin Agnel , the brain behind India's largest MBA Portal - www.pagalguy.com. He also runs a one of Asia's leading web hosting companies,is an M.Com looking forward to the erstwhile MBA degree,has had calls from Said Business School,University of Oxford. He has been covered by CNBC,leading business magazines and is also responsible for the bringing together people for community service across major cities in India.And all this while he's still at 24.

Whenever I feel low,I talk to him.He exuberates such maturity and his simple talk hits u in your face. He's someone who takes responsibility of his life,his decisions and their outcomes. He knows where he's going coz he's sure of himself.It's not that he had it all easy.There was a time when he came close to shutting down pg.com .

He slogs like a mad man.He has insane working hours. He has created a platform for thousands to come together and share their lives.And all this without charging a penny. PG.com might soon become a paid site,but it's worth it for all that it does for its members. My blogroll, for instance, has 90% of members from PG.com. He once told me,"I want to create something bigger than myself." He's living his dreams,not cribbing and blaming life/others for his state.

I aint writing this for Allwin.He doesnt need it,nor does he visit my blog.

But Allwin dude,incase someone decides to make a documentary on you few years down the line,I wanna direct it. :)

October 19, 2005

The Gestalt Prayer

I do my thing
And you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you and I am I.

And if by chance we find each other,it's beautiful,
If not, it can't be helped.

- Fritz Perls

The key idea of the statement is the endorsement of a focus on living in response to one's own needs; it also expresses an idea about people who respectively can help fulfill another's needs in fulfilling their own: when they "find each other, it's beautiful."

Immediately following that optimistic note, the final six words are "If not, it can't be helped".


October 14, 2005

...And it's a century...! :)

So..this is the 100th post on my blog :). Was going through what I wrote all this while...and the following posts are the ones I really like. Sadly,the comments arnt there anymore as Haloscan has been removed....

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Not bad...:)

October 08, 2005

If none was watching...

Umm,I was supposed to continue my post on Women.Will do.Sometime soon. :)

Actually this post is a result of a question posed to me.

She asked, "What would you write on your blog,if you knew none visited it?"

Me : Hmm,I think the basic purpose of enabling comments on ur posts is to know what people think about it....

She : Why would you care? Would your thinking change,if someone thought otherwise?

Me : Mebbe not,but it does provide one a broader view of things.And they can always be more than one correct answer...

She : So,when you blog,is it to know what others think or to let them know what you think?

Me : Both.

She : So,doesnt the fact that people will read and comment on your post dictate its content, atleast some of the times?

Me : Umm,yeah,sometimes it does...

She : So,back to my first question. What would you write on your blog,if you knew none read it?

I smiled.

Me : What would I write?? I wouldnt write at all. :) Oh kay,tht's going a bit too far...I'd write,but the stuff would be so different...

She : You know,many people who have popular blogs,have their own private blog stashed away somewhere.One place where they rave and rant and still wont be caught doing so.Then they come back to their popular blog and continue as if nothing happened.Even the Internet has people doing a double take with their lives.They cant be in public what they are in private.Social conditioning at play,I'd say.

Me : Hmmm.One neednt display one's feelings to the world.The blog can just be used as a medium to express what you feel about things,why should it testify for your life's hidden moments?

She : Sigh.You dont get it do you? It's all like a huge virtual social party. Everybody has their masks on. None knows for sure how true the other person is. They blog to please the readers.They blog to gain more hits.To be more popular.And then they seek some place where they can be their own self. Their blog served that purpose for so long,but no longer.People are known by what they blog/post on,hence everyone is toeing the line.It's all becoming an extension of the society.And I wish you dont become a part of it all...

Me : As if I cared,sweetie. I know how close I've come to deleting the account,on many occassions. But the fact that my blog still exists is coz I believe, one day I'll stop caring about what I write. And that's when my real writing would surface...

She : You know what?

Me : Hmm?

She : Hide that site hit counter.Figures have a tendency to mess with our feelings ;)

Me : Shut that up :)

October 01, 2005

Women - I

The most common complaint men have is their inability to understand what women want. I was wondering,is it really so difficult to know us?

One SMS was doing rounds - What women say and what they actually mean.It got me thinking. I guess, that's where the main problem lies. Women dont state what they think. They have something on their mind,and they say something that is connected to it.No doubt,guys good at crosswords have it easy ;)

And this trend is observed only when it comes to their own self.If they find a puppy cute,they say it. But if they want to know about their looks,they would drop a hazaar hints before the guy actually gets it!! If they want something,they rarely ask for it.Instead it would be "She has it,I want it too" types, or she'd try to justify the need for it.

Why cant women simply be as direct and blunt as men are? The way they are bought up has some definite role to play. One has to be modest,not too demanding,always giving unto others and all that.

Women tend to be more insecure in relationships because of this.They seek assuarance. They need to be told they are loved. If a lady asks you,"How is this dress?", she's indirectly asking,"How'd I look in this dress?"

A man has to understand this deep sense of belonging a woman seeks.She might fish for compliments,but it wouldnt harm him if he gave her one. Initially she wouldnt be open regarding what she wants,but with time and more open communication,a man can gain her trust enough to make her talk what's on her mind.

To be continued....