Go go go,Goa!

Goa was fun,man!! :D..ekdum wild and wet :))

It rains without notice,rains for 15 mins,stops and again rains..!Drizzles actually.So after the first day,we all got used to it and the rain gods could do nothing to hamper our spirits :D.

Rain dance,rain shopping,rain this,rain that :)).We would simply sneek out to the beach at 1-2 am,that is if we were not dancing away to glory in some disc! But a trip to the beach,which was abt 50 meters from the resort was mandatory every night before we hit the sack.The seniors gang wanted to be there till wee hours of the morn,come back to catch a short nap and the juniors gang would be banging the door at 5.30-6 in the morn for another trip! I was seriously considering putting up at the beach itself!

Goa is all abt beaches and coconut trees!But each beach is distinctly different from the rest.Did lotsa climbing and trekking too.Visited churches and some 'Water Jail'!Food was okayish....binged on the sea food on the last day,sadly shark meat was outta stock :(.So missed out on that.

All in all,it rocked :).50 of us-20 juniors amongst them,college sponsored trip for the Achievers ;). If the perks of performing are 5 days of chilling out,away from the maddening crowd on an all expenses paid trip,boy,arnt all of us already working hard towards making it to the next Achievers conference in Jan :D!

A note of thanks to Suhail for having called up to enquire about my well being in Goa after hearing abt the landslides.That was really sweet mate :).


Dear Z,
Nice to have u bac in ur Blog. Did u evr think of taking to writing seriously? Wht field r u specialising- Is it mkting or HR. I kno 2 unrelated questions but jus got dis doubts as I read ur blog entry.

Keep chillin out

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
njoyment all round

bt everythng said and done.....
whr r the pics????

we need to have a glimpse of these eventful 5 days
Zarine said…
@ SK- Career in writing..umm..I believe that if you make your passion your job,the fizz dies sooner or later.It becomes just another thing.There should be certain things which act as getaway from the world.For me writing is one of them.

I'm doing my masters in HR,but then I rarely mention it in my blog.Tht's something professional,and will stay so.I cant eat,sleep and drink HR. :)

@ Vipul - Pics...man,u missed 400+ of them in N'Hills Office.Apni Umang ki chandni was there in full force ;).Remind me to show you those ones.
the_new_cloud said…
Goa.... My fav place too... Ppl there are always in holiday mode....
Zarine said…
True.All I could spot there were shops and more shops!Wonder if these people survive on other's shopping sprees ;)

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