Principle 1.

Waiting for returns somehow robs life of its precious moments.Return of a loved one,return of a gesture,return of a call,a SMS,return of the Jedi..err,tht's getting too much.

Waiting for something big,eventful to happen.It never really does happen,does it? Setting huge long term goals,looking at the big picture,thinking about the future...bah...aint it boring? I never believed in planning,coz they never worked for me.All the plans I've made so far have met the same success as fish living in a frost free fridge.And the analogies I make these days suck as the Microsoft Products do.And am not talking abt their vacuum cleaner.Old joke,I know.

So,what's the point in giving ourselves the false hope of a security and control when nothing happens as per the plans? The level of comfort it brings might be a good carrot,but it's as comfortable as lying on a rock and imagining you are on cloud nine.This was bad too,I agree.Thank you.

I've decided to take lil decisions everyday.Yay.The first one is :- Not to let anyone disturb me.I dont plan to retire to the Himalayas,have heart.People can come,blame me,shout at me,call me names,dance around me,bray like donkeys let loose,shout like the sky is falling - I care 2 hoots.Let them go crazy till the cows come home.

So,a principle a day keeps mad crowds away.

I guess,an exception has to be made - My mom.She needs to stare and all principles go here and there. :(


Dear Z,

Not again!!!! You better go and study or u gonna flunk.

Hmmmm..... "Setting huge long term goals" More seriously, one must dream. Coz dreams only will take u where u want to go and unless u have these u will have to go where life will take u. And when u reach there u probably wuld not like to be there.
that one was from SK
abhinav said…
You make life look so neat and easy.if only these priciples can be followed.
Zarine said…
@ SK- With a CGPA of 8.9/10,I wont flunk.And am proud of it :D.Shameless me :)). Dreams...i dunno if they really take you where you want to go.I'd rather be fully conscious when I decide where I want to go ;)

@ Abhinav - Life is a bitch,love it anyways :).Neat and easy (reminds me of scotch ;) )is all upto the person.How you choose to react decides most of our outcomes :).
Anonymous said…

this funda doesnt work
we need to plan and move ahead to grab our destination.

Its a continuum

success does not require big efforts, it depends on each and every decision we take each and every day. Planning always helps in taking wiser decisions.

and abt ur long term goals, i wud say

It is better to try and fail in achieving my goals, rather than living a life without any goals or any direction to move forward.

P.S. Waiting for some solid bombardment from ur side

Zarine said…
Vipul,just one question.How much of our Friendship Day's outing was planned? Every spot we visited,we had decided just before leaving for it.And it was fun,wasnt it? :).

The aim was to spend loadsa time with pals,which we did.Or for tht matter,the juniors trip - how much was it planned?

So,does tht answer your question? :)
Anonymous said…
and if u remember..a hint of the trip was given yesternight
when we two were planning for the trip

i m not saying tht the plan shud b picture perfect, bt ur actions need to b guided by a direction
Zarine said…
Ok...let's put it this way...know where you are headed and push :)).

But planning means planning to the details.What we did was just deciding where we'd be going..we didnt go into details,did we? Itna to banta hai yaar!Agar yeh bhi na pata ho kahan jaa rahe ho,toh kahin bhi jao..samjho pahunch gaye :D.

Tu canteen mein aa,tujhe bataati hoon!!
Zarine said…
And to remind ya...only runway 9 was decided last night...the butta,CCD,barista were all on the move ideas :D
Anonymous said…
flexibility is a different issue
if we never had a plan in mind of wht we wanted to wudnt hav happened

Planning to the minutest just not possible
its up to u, how much u plan
things change and so do plans
i m not saying tht it shud b a categorical planning, bt we shud b clear in minds abt certain things
Zarine said…
Yaar..had heard 'Company makes a difference' but,yaar vipul,lectures and sermons were my thing...tu kabh se start ho gaya? :(
Anonymous said…
its not abt giving lectures
its about explaining ur point of view :D

and rest assured
i wont rob u of ur job :P
Zarine said…
Yeah,yeah I know. You are the Consultant's consultant !:))
Anonymous said…
placed b4 the placements even started :P
Zarine said…
Hehhehe...tht's why they say..always stay in the good books of the HR folks ;)
Anonymous said…
gud books of HR is fine
bt bad company does affect u :P

and i m feeling the heat :D
Zarine said…
Uh huh?It just got started :D ;)
Anonymous said…
a never ending discussion
Zarine said…
an infinite loop...a spamming indicator of what final year MBAs do in their 'busy schedule' :))
Anonymous said…
call this an MBA jargon
"Brainstorming session" :)
Zarine said…
Yes...and the result of which will visible only in the long term ;).As of now,we can continue of Y! :))

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