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Operation Mission

"kuch paane ki ho aas aas " aas mere aas paas.

"koi armaan ho jo khaas khaas "
Nah. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

"guzre aise har raat raat ho khwaishoon se baat baat "
:)..sapne dekhne ka time nahi hai :.

"kuch aisa kar ke dikha khud khush ho jaaye khuda "
Pata nahi kya chehra batayenge uss Khuda ko...

"aashayein khile dil ki ummedein hase dil ki "
Guess high time they did..

Think man, think! Feel it! What drives your life?? What is the passion of your life? What is that one dream....that fire which fuels you?!

Discover aint worth otherwise...

© Zarine.

Reliving the old...

I simply love old songs. Few new ones are good too..but the old ones have a mystical touch to them. Infact, when I listen to the oldies on my system...they remind me of Mom and Dad. The times when they would listen to the old songs together after dinner...those images are etched in my much would I love if my guy too loved my kind of music...sitting together, listening to these would complete the circle...

Ps:- Cant thank you enough for the 400+ old songs you gave me...u dunno how much I value them, Vipz.

© Zarine.

My calling in life.

Tonight Z announces to the world her true passion in Life. That one person. That one heart. That one moment worth waiting for...worth living for...worth everything.

Stay beautiful,

~ A hopelessly romantic soul.

© Zarine.

Free fall.

Off late, have often caught myself thinking/imagining about bungee jumping during the meetings. I feel like running outta the room into the greens. Want to free fall. Zip, zap, zooom.


When I used to hear about Life and the choices it offers, I would smirk. It was all pre-determined to such an extent that even what we would choose would be part of the larger design! Hmmm..doesnt look like it works that way. What we choose determines how people perceive us. It's of no use to make sense of what people are saying/doing, coz they keep changing. Everything is so fluid and dynamic that you crave for some stability. Something to hang anchor..a support...


Miles to go before I sleep...
Hundreds of promises to keep...
I swear on the Lord above,
I must be one helluva procastinating creep!

© Zarine.