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Step 4 done!!! Kick ass!!!

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I need this!

Please..I pray to the Almighty...let me not wander...let me not get tempted...let me not go astray...let me...please please let me finish Step 4 today... Jeez..I just have 3 hours to do that!!
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Step 3 done!! Dhin chak dhin chak dhin dhin!!


This post is dedicated to Zareen Kazim.
Babes, I salute the way u manage to stay happy and spread cheers inspite of all the crap u face. I really pray God grants us all with such perseverance and blesses you with happiness and love that is clearly overdue.
You make me want to do stay happy and shrug away all the bad things in life!
*Standing Ovation* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
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Corp (Crap) Life

I caught up with a colleague from my previous business unit and as usual, gossip was in the air. Somethings never cease to surprise me. How being visible matters more than being efficient. How some business decisions are made just to appease to some big guy’s senses. How slogging your ass off is no guarantee for any acknowledgement, leave alone recognition. How for some people their positions and titles mean so much, that they are willing to be as mean as possible. How its easy to stab your peer in the back…and how hollow people can be.What amazes me is…how difficult is it for people to be nice?? To simply acknowledge that someone did a good job…to be courteous. Why are people so secretive about their promotions and movements? Why cant an organization be confident enough to be transparent? Why do people hush about someone’s growth? Why doesn’t that person him/herself talk about it unless asked?I used to think that maybe I wasn’t up to it…but now when I see a pattern emerging, I realiz…

Some day in Feb '10

Being by yourself can do weird things to your mind. Besides wondering what to do next, you find yourself often being sucked into the past. People, moments, thoughts, incidents. And if there's any particular song, which meant something back then on the playlist, then the roller coaster ride is guaranteed. It's like a pause in a life playing in fast forward. 
I am still stuck in Step 3. Being more than 2 weeks since I studied spanish. Tengo que aprender mas espanol pronto.
I wish I was paid a rupee everytime someone had "Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance, I wanna grow up again" status messages! And invariably, they'd be a couple of folks who'll 'like' this status. What's wrong with people? Was their growing up so fucked up that they'd wanna do it again...or mebbe it was so awesome, that they'd live it again?!
When I think about my past...I am so fine with it. There's no part I wanna do again. I just want thos…