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I look forward to the day
When I can forgive myself
For all the promises not kept
For all the memories forgotten.

I look forward to the day
When I can dance my heart out
Sing to my soul's content
And not care what they're thinking.

I look forward to the day
When I can smile
Inspite of knowing that I failed
Inspite of knowing that I'm weak.

I look forward to the day
When my resilence gives strength
Everytime I give in,
And to everyone who gives up.

I look forward to the day
When I will not wake up with my mind occupied
With the past follies
With the future make-ups.

I look forward to the day
When today will matter more
When past gives me reasons to smile
When future gives me hope to live on...

I look forward to the day
When I shall not measure myself
Against standards set by them
Against perfection.

I look forward to the day
When relativity ceases to exist
In my existence
In my relations.

I look forward to the day
When I can smile
With just a thought of a pal
With just a thought of myself.

I look forward to t…

'KANK'y stuff.

When I first saw the trailers, I developed disgust for this movie. Yet another mega starrer-tear jerker. Why cant they use stars for a better purpose?!

On a sad sunday noon, me and mom decided to watch this one. All geared up for a sloppy show, I left the theater thinking "Finally, Bollywood is growing up."

I found the movie interesting. Because it had so many flawed characters. None was perfect..(Abhishek came close to being the perfect man, but the night he makes Rani realize her 'inadequacies', lo..! he's one amongst us.)

I wonder...

If SRK would've fallen in love with Rani if she was a successful woman, like his wifey.If Abhishek ever cared to look beyond his own nose. "I love..I love..I love..; She doesnt...she doesnt...she doesnt." Ever cared to find out why she doesnt...?Why couldnt Rani get over her obsession with "Love" and cast one caring glance at her hubby...If their (SRK and Rani's) love was so true and strong, why didnt they …

Tale mein twist

Yeee Hawww.

Some post the last post was. Poor ol' Z sounded as the most wretched creature on Earth! Sob, sob.

Hehehehe, raat gayi baat gayi..:D Saari bhadaas nikaal di uss post it seems so light within..

Oww kaay...Apun ki life mein ek twist aaya hai...jiski agar sahi angle pe banking nahi ki to accident hojayega :D

So while I negotiate this curve...keep zooooommmming folks..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Zarine.

For no reason.

Hi.Am down. For a very personal and strange reason. For a reason that none is to blamed. For a reason that it was none’s fault. For a reason that Life sucks. For a reason that whenever I choose to be close to what I like…Life smirks at me. For a reason that I can never get to do what I really want to do. For a reason when my heart wants to speak out and reach out to someone, I face a vacuum. For a reason that I am alone when I want to celebrate an occasion with someone I want to… For a reason that Life has decided that I stay the Loner that I am. For the reason that every happiness I want is delayed. For a reason that I don’t feel the happiness when it actually happens. For a reason that the fire within me is dead by the time its time comes. For a reason that reaffirms my faith in the thing that what I really love and hold dear shall always stay away from me. For a reason that those who love me have to be kept at a distance, ‘coz I cant get them close. For the reason that when I want …