Principle 2.

There I blog again.Coz that's what am supposed to do with this space on www or rather http://.

Abhishek is a sweet chap in my B school.Very simple and says he never thinks too much about anything.Not a bookworm,the only books he read was Chacha Choudhary in his chunnu munnu days.Today I made him spend 40 mins in a bookstore.While I bought 'Games People Play' by Eric Berne and 'The Stranger' by Albert something (YES Girish!! I finally bought it!!),I made him buy 'The Alchemist'.Infact I told him I'll gift it to you,but he insisted on paying...dunno why guys dont take gifts from me :. It's not that I ask for return gifts!! And I also made him promise me that he'd finish it by this month end.Going by the rate Vipul completed the novel I gave him,I can expect Abhi to get back to me when his kids graduate high school.

Oh,I forgot.This post was about the second princi.Princi has a nice sound to it.Sounds like a lil frilly skirt.I guess mom was right when she said I shld've being born as a boy.Sad.So,the 2nd princi is "Don't take it to heart".

This world is full of big bad wolves.Some are handsome too,but dont let that fool you.Love with all your might.Heart breaks,let your reservoir in thy eyes also break.Cry and cry.And then say,"Get a life" and kick ass.Call up a friend and bitch.Bitch so much that the poor guy wonders why you seek so many answers."Where are the questions?",he'll ask.Right,Vipul? ;) But let him keep wondering,you keep on bitching.Then keep on blaming people left,right and center.The world sucks.Take to philosophy big time.Look into the horizons and keep mouthing,"If only....".And then you'll realise it's placement time and you dunno a F*** about the latest hot news in your sector.One thought of a being the only jobless fella in the entire batch will drive home the sense that life exists beyond your body's pumping machine.Your heart that is,for the biologically challenged folks.

Getting a life is as easy as getting a cheap electronic item without a 'Made in Taiwan' stamp.Boy,analogies keep evolving,for better or worse,time shall tell.Me shall go on till then.

Tomm is Friendship Day.Atleast on this day ,all of you, call me up yaar!! :(((


ahaan said…
Hi Zarine .
This principle stuff is good . Think even i can take a point or two from u .
And ur first principle was really good .


Dear Z

No comments. Only logging presence
Bye ;)
the_new_cloud said…
This post was not a bouncer.. But was a very short pitched delivery....
Happy Friendship Day .....:-)
Zarine said…
@ Ahaan - I know da..Principles are always good...but when it comes to following them...ahem :D.Happy Friendship day to you too...and u got a nice name :)

@ SK - Alright boy,you are marked present for the day's session :))

@ manish - Bhai...tht comment left me clean bowled :D
Zarine said…
testing comment post...

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