Laughed so loudly in my Coll Lab when I read it on Hirdu's blog,that now everyone wants it in the Y! grps!!!

And my Bullet is getting some popularity in coll.Gals snidely remark it's 'OK',guys comment that I'm all set for the kill in every sense ;),and my Psych Prof enquired where I purchased it frm.He wants one for his 8yr old son.Meanwhile,Mom continues to frown at it...


ranjan said…
The bullet really suits u Hitler !
Dear Z,
Hi, A serious offer: If the Psyche Prof really wants a bullet, I can give one to you to hand it over to him when i come to hyd in Sep 05. But one clarification. A bullet is that part of a round which leaves the gun (to hit an intended target) and round is the bullet+case (the whole thing which is loaded into the Gun's Chamber). Which is the one you got and which is the one you want? Do let me know if you want to take up the offer.


BTW where did you get that one from?
Bullet! Hmmm.....sounds cool.....:-) As for those words of wisdom....yeah, have thought of that pretty it some time back in my mail actually. It realy would be the best way to go. :-))
Anonymous said…
What is he complaining of? Coward. In his framework, one would say his dad's orgasm was a failure.
@anon....errr...I think you got it wrong...coz if life is lived that way then the orgasm too would have a different would not be the thing that it is today :-)
Zarine said…
@ SK - Boss,it's just a metal replica of a bullet I found at the Mall.Nothing as real as you intend to get :D.

@Anon and Mike - Whatevr is that both of you are samjha do..;)

@ Ron - Hehehe :P
Anonymous said…
he is NOT complaining about
what is he scared of? death?
then in his language i would say his father's orgasm was a failure that it produced a coward like him.
who cares how life ends? live it and enjoy it, after all it has such a glorious beginning!
Dushyant said…
You Ride A Bullet!!?? Hubba Hubba :)

I dont want to sound like a perv (even tho' I'm one) but very few things turn guys on more than a Girl Riding a bike,a Bullet too at that.(Aunties riding Bullets is something confined to my imagination of how an eternity in Hell is like,but lets not go there).

Anywayz, fundoo blog.Pls kp writing.

maverick said…
rotflmao, me too. i hope u don't mind, coz i'm putting that on my blog as well...
Zarine said…
@ Dushyant - err..I dont RIDE one,I SPORT one :)).I have a bullet around my,does THT turn guys on these days? ;)

@ maverick - I dont mind,as long as u state the source with it,in this case,my blog ;)
Hirdu said…

hmmm bullet around the neck :) notorious...very noto..rious... :)

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