March 19, 2009

Just a chat

Its been a while since I had a heart to heart chat with this blog. With this html text page with links & codes because my friends are too busy for me. Never mind.

It’s such tumultuous times out here. The pressure and stress I’m undergoing is beyond me. Am between roles…and what a way I’m in between roles! My past role has my replacement already onboard. My next role is under discussion. So basically neither here nor there. How does one react in such situations? When in the past one year you have been so bogged down with work that “spare time” seemed like nirvana.

But hey. It’s ok to be in ambiguous situations. Its great if the next role materializes. Its ok if it doesn’t. Something else will. I might want to enjoy this interim period of fewer expectations and pressures.

Personally, things are beginning to hit choppy waters. I don’t even know how to put across the anxieties I face daily. 24 hours. And then I have this nagging headache. Woah…I don’t wanna head for a nervous breakdown!

Sigh. I cant believe I just asked my colleague for work! Why cant I just stay put?? Why is it so important to be occupied all the while? I really want to listen to good music right now.

I also need to stop being apologetic about things. Fuck them if they don’t work out. Damn them if they don’t care. JUST STOP FEELING RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING!

It’s very important and critical that you learn about what you deserve. And demand it. Everyone deserves a fair chance. So do you. Don’t be apologetic about it.

Yepes. Signing off on that note.

Thanks for publishing me out (ha ha)