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Hyd to Del and back

Oui mah babeh! Its been a looouuunnggg time, I say!

Arey access nahi tha! Okay, thts a lie. Mood nahi tha? Shayad. Whatever.

Me's shifted base to Delhi. Work in Gurgaon. What a place. (Now make whtever u want to, of tht last stmt! ;) )

Hot hai, rains bhi hain..pata nahi yaar..kuch samajh nahi aaraha...ajeeb si jagah hai. Sahi saathi ka saath warna vaat lag jaati.

My blog has become soooooo boring! Bah! But they say, people who have a life off the net, have seldom any on it ;).

Cold this summer..hmmmuummmm. Waise got to be in Hyd during the unfortunate incident of the bomb blast. Sukoon nahi hai logon ko..kuch na kuch karna zaroori hai. Sigh.

Updates will a maasi..mah best pal gave birth to a cute baby gal. Am yet to visit them.........:((((((((((((((((((((

I wanna go back to Delhiiiiiiiiiiiii..................... and not for the city, puhleez!

Quote of the day :- Shut up and listen.


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