Principle 3.

Yesterday was Friendship Day.And was spent in a much better way than it was planned.One thing I really like about folks here is their "Go slow on attitude" funda.Save a handful guys,the rest of them are so amicable.None minds helping each other,be it during the routine days or the exam times.How often do we come across instances when u call up ur pal at 2 am,the morn of ur exam and say u cant make any sense of wht's happening,and he comes down to your place to help you out.Mind you,ours still isnt a residential program,so all the students are spread over the city,staying in PGs and hostels.And tht's prolly the reason why all of us dont leave the campus before 7.30-8 pm every day.Even during the summers,we would help each other across cities.

On Friendship Day too,inspite of being a sunday,the campus was bustling with activity.I had my juniors wishing me thru' SMSes.It's not as if we have a small batch size,hence are so close knit.Infact,our batch boasts of the largest student strength.700+ :).For each batch.But when crisis strikes,like the other day when a fellow student met with an accident,SMSes were shooted across the campus for blood and he got more than 150 units of it!

So,the principle number three is :- Dont throw attitude.

It doesnt help you in the long run.And man,it hurts like hell when people better than you,cut you to size.If you are good,it'll show.If you arn't good,tht'll also show ;). High attitude cant mask your real self for long.False attitude here means trying to be wht you arnt.Being snobbish.Not smiling at your friends.Not having the courtesy to reply to mails and SMSes.Thinking you are above them all.At the end of the day,you'll be just that...isolated,alone.Being down to earth takes some effort,by the way.Not to let success reach your head is as difficult as preventing the sand from getting onto your shoes on a beach.

But then dont forget one thing.Acting as if you are God's gift to mankind might make the mankind treat you royally,but they wont call you up when they celebrate their small victories. You'll miss out on the small,special moments like when a junior calls up excitedly and says,"Hey,good news man!! I've become a chacha now!! (Chacha = Paternal uncle) and all of u rush to the hospital to give the blessed couple a nice surprise! :)

Life is sweet's us who cant take it that way.It's simple.We'd prefer complicating things and cribbing about them.We dont want to take the answers it gives and would go on an eternal search for the unknown.We cant read the writings on the wall and then complain abt life being unfair to us.More about how one can rise above his circumstances,IF HE WANTS TO,in the next post.


ahaan said…
Point noted madam :-)
Anonymous said…
aiye aiye captain :)
Zarine said…
Waah,waah...nice people,both of you :))
ahaan said…
thankx for the compliment

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