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Let bygones be bygones...

When most of the times in Life, we are on a lookout for that 'something special, something unique', we forget what we have with us couldnt be less special, less unique...if only we cared enough to look at it.

There's this thing about one person from my past....I keep thinking about him off and on for the kind of impact he left on my life. Not surprisingly, I somehow expect to figure in his list of 'things to remember' too...only to be give myself a sad smile everytime he conveniently forgets about me. What amazes me is...its not that I dont have Love in my life now or I miss him so badly...but the fact that I expect him to recall me the way I recall him...

Life moves on...wish we too did..

Woah...thanks to 19 straight hours of working..I feel my cabin floating around me now..would log off a very very hectic week ahead...and need to let the Love of my life know I'm missing him right now...all alone here..

Love always,


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