August 23, 2008

Finally my own!!

Phew!! After much deliberation, procrastination, frustration & desperation I've designed my own blog template. Right from the background, header, dividers, font to spacing et al. YES!!!

Need to fix few issues in this one as well...dunno why it loads to the rightside before centrally aligning itself....any thoughts?

Edit:- Now my Almighty knows how many changes I've done to this blog to finally reach here. This look is better than the chocolate one. Very spacious...has a nice airy feel to it.

This stays.

Till I start getting those template change bouts again!!!

© Zarine.

August 14, 2008

Those 12 types

Now this post was long in the offing...but never stuck me to actually publish it.

Zodiac Analysis!

Yes! Am now gonna write down my experiences with each sun sign and if any of you belong to the "wrong" ones...HARD LUCK.

To begin with the ones I avoid with a barge pole.


While the first 2 are simply irritating bunch of people, I've not met a single Capricorn who hasnt hurt me.

Next in line...


Geminis. Sigh. Who will tell them the planet revolves around the Sun NOT them?! Chatterbugs & Attention Hoggers. One of the most self centered signs. I cant fathom how can one go on & on about him/herself to such an extent. But can count on them to cheer you up when you are in the dumps.

Aries. Hyper Active or Hyper Lazy. Their favt prayer is either "God grant me patience...and do it right NOW!" or "God grant me energy...can you do that tomorrow?" Not a bad bunch actually...shouldnt be clubbed with Geminis. After all, how dare someone share THEIR limelight!?

Virgo. Libra. The former is nice, gentlemanly & courteous. The latter is all this + flirtatious. Trust me. But you can trust the Virgos to take care of the family...and Librans to help create one ;)! And boy o boy...I havnt met a single Libran without a gorgeous pair of lips on them. God's equipped them well...not their fault ;)

Taurus. Again all Taurus guys I've met have been good looking. And I havnt met many ;).

Scorpio. Deadly. They deserve to be the King of Zodiacs. Truly talented & drop dead looks. Sharp & agile. And vengeful. The Achievers variety.

Pisces. Wow. They should be the Fairy Mother of all Zodiacs. Nice, warm, loving, little dumb, innocent folks. I can count on them. Even in the dead of the night. Extremely dependable. But thode phattu hoten hain. If they could only work on that timid nerve of theirs.

Cancer. The best for the last. If Scorpion should be the King, welcome the Queen. You'll find cancerians either bagging gold medals or in the jail. Extreme personalities. Love home. Hate traveling. And end up doing whatever they hate. Arrogant to the extent that you'd compare them with a Gemini (O Gosh!). Hard exterior/soft core bullshit. Vain at times. But beautiful people. Again, havnt met a single cancerian who doesnt have the looks. Let's close here...If I start on this sign...I'll take some time to end. Coz I have experienced it first hand, being a Cancerian myself.

Std Disclaimer :- Ofcourse the ones you know are different from what's described here. Live with it.

© Zarine.

August 11, 2008

Have had enough!

Am so fed up of changing my blog skins everytime!! Something or the other messes up the old one and I have to go shopping again!

vipul...pls help me tweak this one :(((

© Zarine.