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Life Matters.

What or who matters in life? Does life itself matter? Can one just live through it as if in a hazy dream? Or a hazy nightmare?

I so often catch myself wondering what's the purpose of living? Why do we live? No, it's not one of those "purpose of life" discussions wherein you try to figure your mission on this planet. It's a one wherein am questioning the need for life on the planet itself.

There has to be more to it than a mere creation of God, sent on this planet as a punishment for Adam & Eve's deeds. There has to be more than just Good vs Bad, more than Us vs Them. Did God create us to check how we combat temptations? Is that all? How we respond to crisis & how we uphold our integrity? All this....this suffering...this violence...the joys...the happiness....the manipulations...the honesty...the whole hog...all to test the being? For what? And why?

Family ties, friendship, enmity, betrayal, tears, sacrifices, testimonies...for what?

Is the fear of God &a…

The clock's ticking.

I took a stress test today. The results were "Stressed Out. You may need help." Now before that Heart Attack pays me a visit, I must turn to someone I really love & ask him to bail me out.

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Agdam Bagdam

I didn't know cornflakes with Badam milk & some oranges tastes so good.

Man, am all over the place these days. My speech is incoherent...I think faster than I speak which results in some garbled speech! After 2yrs of working, am off late feeling like a new joinee! Am so anxious all the time. The past 6 months have exhausted me completely. So much so that am looking forward to the one new member joining my team. Am gonna dump everything on that poor lad/lass & RUN!

But what is it exactly?? I need a review. Yes, that's what I need. It'll give me some perspective on the last 6 months. I need to recharge & rejuvenate myself. I need to go to Kerala.

See? see see see? One minute I need a review, next minute I need Kerala!!


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© Zarine.