December 18, 2007

New year resolutions

Hirdu Has tagged me for publishing my New year resolutions. Ah! Tagging reminds me of those good ol times...when we had just started blogging and the whole 'tagging' was a 'in' thing to do. Wherever one would go....there would be some post honoring some tag.

Good ol times.

Ok, let's get back to the topic. I checked my Jan 2007 post for 2007 resolutions and was amazed at how I did uphold some of them without realising it. Let's see how I fare in 2008.

Damn, I cant think of any resolutions! :(.

Umm. Ok...just one.

I'll take care of myself.

I know how difficult it is. Let's try :).

© Zarine.

Lost in the maze.

Everything cant be important. Everything cant be urgent and everything cant be "do or die". What's the fuss about??

Corporate lives are so dictated by deadlines. And half of them were to be met 'as of yesterday'. I realise (which I keep doing every now & then), we got nothing to lose we if we stop fretting & fuming. I love my Hyderabadi culture for this. "Ho jaayega...tensions kaiko lere?" Chill. I keep chasing myself...yeh karo, woh karo. Uff. Kaiko??? Nai karte. Karlo jo karna hai.

Hehehehe. It'll be fun if I can say that to my Boss ;). But unfortunately, I've built for myself a repute wherein any report/ data is submitted much before the deadline. Now, that's coz I leave everything that I'm doing and finish the task who's deadline is closer. Bad. Bbbbbaaaaddddd man!!!

My little over 20 months experience in Corporate life tells me that things eventually manage to happen. If you dont do it, somebody else will do it for you and vice versa. But I'm so hung up on doing my own things, that I dont remember when was the last time I delegated. Wait. I think I did so recently. Hmm. So I delegate to my subordinates, but I dont delegate to my peers. Okay. Let's leave it at that.

Am directly responsible for 300 people and indirectly for another 120. No wonder am stuck to my Laptop & phone all the time....solving queries, hiring, redeploying, report outs, pitches and all that jazz. I need to reach out to my people. How sad it'll be, if folks whose queries I solve dont know how their HR manager looks like :((.

So what's the point here? I need to prioritize. Bah. Rather I need to break free! I had decided on some model for my time management....havnt yet implemented it due to lack of time! How ironical!!! Well...lets do it then. Some discipline...some method...some sense and some sanity is badly required.

© Zarine.

'X' Dimensions.

Cobwebs are built in those areas where there's less or no activity.

The human mind has many dimensions. The spiritual, the social, the self, the philosophical, the philanthropical, the practical, the materialistic & the ethical. Now, given the pace at which we live our lives, one of these is bound to be more active & another one the least. That's when cobwebs start developing in those dimensions. Our clarity of thought is affected when we try to access them. Over a period of time, we stop thinking in those dimensions & our thoughts clearly lack a 'holistic' view.

It can be taxing at times if one wants to be all of the above. The point isnt to be all of the above at once....but to be one of them atleast once, over a period of time. Atleast 2 dimensions can be incorporated in daily lives, without even realising it. More than 2 would require some effort, but should be easy with practice.

Now, as complex as the human mind is, the 2 dimensions that we choose to incorporate also have to be the 'right combination'. Combining Spiritual with Philosophical might make others think that you have lost it. Materialistic + Practical might make you shrewd & manipulative. Ethical + Philanthrophical would make you a Saint. To be 'complete', one needs to discover the right combinations of dimensions to be used at the right time.

That's experience. And a rich one if you learn each day.

© Zarine.