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He He He

Ha ha ha ha. Mazaa aaya aaja. Kisi ka kisi ko bheja hua SMS maine galti se padh liya. Ha ha ha ha. Mere boss ka meri subordinate ko bheja hua SMS. Thoda scandalous types.. ;). Mazaa aaya ji mazaa aaya. ;)

At your (dis)service

Getting bitter about people and circumstances can be so easy at times…heck, its easy all the time. Its so often a product of what you value against what others do…or difference in perspectives or simply not getting what you want. I find myself either irate or depressed or frustrated a lot these days. It’s like I’m asked to order what I want to eat and everytime I order something…its either not available/ will take years to make/ if made, doesn’t taste the same.“An orange juice, please.”“Sorry, not available”“Do you have pineapple?”“Yes, but we dont serve pineapple will be served diced”“Umm..ok, do you have vanilla ice cream to accompany it?”“No..we have Strawberry”(Strawberry & Pineapple??)“Ok..then can you get me a strawberry milk shake?”“No, we don’t have milk”“Great. Then just get me the strawberry icecream?”“Sure. Will be served by another guy who’ll be here in 30 mins…I’m off my shift.”Get the drift? I start with Orange juice and end up with Strawberry icecream..tha…

Decision(?) Making

We are moving to a new office and seats were being assigned. So, the alignment started basis hierarchy and the VP/AVP population obviously choose the corner cabins/cubicles. Next in line were the Senior Managers, with yours truly being one of them. Now there were 5 cubicles left and 7 SMs to be seated. So, in a common sense scenario, you’d look at the profile & the job requirement and take a call. For eg. If someone is on a lot of customer calls, he gets one or if someone is in a role which has a higher privacy demand, he gets one. But lo & behold, how did we decide? We picked chits!! Yes!! School is not yet over and we still make long standing decisions by picking chits!!And guess what? HR didn’t get a cubicle..(mebbe my boss isn’t lucky enough..I should’ve picked mine!!) and we, the ones whose main job is discussing about employees’ & their related concerns, will now sit in proximity with Operations. Bang in the middle of the floor!! So everyone can see what we are worki…