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I should author a book on managing uncertainties. It’ll be titled “What you should know when you don’t know!” (Copyright & all those rights applicable!!)Ok, why do I say this? It’s coz last 2 years of my life...I’ve plunged head first into so many things about which I had no clue about. City will you handle the new city? No idea. Role will you handle that? No idea. Another role change in 6 months...again, no idea. In year from then...get into the leadership program...with no idea...get into another role in 3 months from then with no idea...and again consider yet another role got it right...NO IDEA!Now, No Idea here does not mean I don’t know what I’m getting into. It means...I dunno how I’ll handle it. The point also is...I’m so open to change that it surprises me. I have no apprehensions dealing with new people, new situations. I just get into it, do my stuff and move on. Is it coz I don’t know what I want? Indeed, what do I want? No Idea. Do …

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An amusing discussion between a colleague and me. C : (..Continuing from a ongoing conversation) we just need to buff it up a little..Z : (interrupting)....need to ‘what’ a little?C : Buff? my comp engg days, we used to call it buffing up things...Z : (nodding my head)...oh are a computer engineer??C : (shrugs) umm...yeah...but then MBA ruined everything!Z : (raises eyebrows) are an MBA??C : (nods head in a weird way)...well, yeah...but you know, 5 years of corporate life wiped it all out...Z: (eyebrows still raised)’ve worked 5 years??C: (smiles)...yeah...but still feels like my first job!!Z: (nods head with a know all expression) you are basically as good as a 12th pass doing his first job!C: (Stunned)...err...what???Z : Hehehehehehe*Grins*