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Do Distances matter?

There’s this friend of mine who I met over the Net. I still rem’ber his first line…it was “How shameless can you be?” And the topic in question was my making blind guesses in the Quant section in CAT 2003. I don’t rem’ber my reply though…I jus recall I was a lil taken aback!It’s been 4 years now. We’ve met thrice. But he was always there when I needed him. I hope it was vice versa as well. We talk like 2, max 3 times in a month since we got working. Imagine meeting someone who’s so close just 3 times out of the 1400 days that you know each other. And actually, if you add up the time we spent with each other on these 3 days, it’ll add up to just a day!! He’s someone I’m proud of. He reinstates my belief about relations being all about minds connecting & staying in touch. Distances…they come in between if you let them.