October 16, 2006


Why is man so scared of Death? When it is so inevitable, when it so certain then why cant he accept it easily? Life is a step ahead of Death. The day it stops walking, Death will overtake it.

Live, anyway. Die, we will, anyway.

© Zarine.

October 09, 2006

Uh oh..Sorry!!

Hmm...goof ups...mistakes...galtiyaan. Kisse nahi hoti? Mujhe se bhi hui hai, My Lord!!

Jaise ke:-

  • Clicking reply on my own mail and then sending the reply to myself :| It was meant to be forwarded!!

  • Confusing 2 associates with same initials and then sending the wrong one for redeployment. Poor thing, she was wondering why I wanted her to move out! :))

  • When not aware of a particular policy, trying to figure it out through common sense. Lesson learnt :- Not all policies are common sense friendly.

  • Changed the date of a major event and forgot to inform all those involved! :| It was a BAD experience! :((

  • **Added after Vipul's comment** - I had to draft a mail whose recipients were all the top honchos. I very meticulously wrote it...checked and rechecked the sentences, spellings..even read the sentences out aloud to see how they sounded! (DuH!). After a thorough check....clicked "Send". A minute later, one of them replied with a curt 1 sentence mail :- "Mails should always have a subject line." Yeh!!! I was so occupied with the body of the mail...once it was perfect...I was totally exhausted and sent the mail without filling anything in the Subject line! I banged my head on my keyboard after receiving my VP's mail!! :)). :((. I still dunno whether to laugh or cry abt it!!

Abh ke liye itna kaafi hai...warna meri waat lag jayegi!

© Zarine.