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New Year Beckons.

Ah! That time of the year when you get into the retrospective mode. One more year has gone by. Every year has its own discoveries and disappointments. Learning experiences by all means.

Not getting senti and all that...just few people who stood out were:-

Without doubt, my Discovery of the Year has been this guy.

Comeback of the Year goes tohim.

Put your hands together for the Achiever of the Year.

Controversy of the Year goes to her

Please welcome my seniorwho graduated this year,and is partially responsible for my MBA at ICFAI thru his guidance :)

Here's someonewho's taught me a thing or two this year. Thanks mate :)

As I move on to be a part of thisnext year, I hope the best wishes of my pals stays with me, all along. :)

Yeah,this is for you dude..not linking ur stuff..but u know,you mean a hell lot. The hot chocolate which is incidentally hot,still makes me smile :).

Each year teaches us some lessons. I hope, my dear readers, this year teaches ya the good lessons the nice way :).


Bare truth.

Most of my batchmates are getting married/engaged these days. As usual,the common ritual involves the Guy's folks coming over to 'see' the Girl and her folks. One of my friend, A , had one such meeting at her place. She's one heck of a strong headed girl. This is the dialogue between her and her mom,

Mom :- Look at you!!
A :- What?
Mom :- Apply little more make up madam!! That pimple is too obvious!
A :- No,I wont.
Mom :- DO AS I SAY!
A :- See mom, if he chooses to live with me,he has to take me as I am. After marriage am not gonna powder the pimple everyday for him!!

Within my heart, I broke into a mini dance. Yay Gal,way to go. :)


Judaa hoke bhi,
Tu mujhme kahin baaki hai
Palkon mein banke aanson tu chali aati hai.
Ab to aadat si hai mujhko,
Aise jeene mein....

In those dark times,in that period of helplessness, you walk into your room. You sit and stare at the floor.A tear flows down.And then you break down.Into pieces.Each bit of you wants to absolve into nothingness. You lose control over your emotions. That heart wrenching moment which came courtesy someone you loved.

Why does it become so difficult to take control of one's life then? Those memories only make you weep more. Weep so much that it hurts. Soon that loneliness,that empty feeling becomes a way of life. When you think you are limping back to normalcy,one flash and its staring at you in your face again. That stab of pain which you got used to by now,leaves a fresh wound. You realise,no matter what you do, it shall stay.

How can one person leave your world so shaken? All coz that person meant the world to you ? Ideally things are supposed to be s…

The AH Tag

Mike suggested I take up the A$$hole tag. Not a bad idea. But the toughest part is selecting 5 from so many! ;)...So, without much delay here I go...

A-H #1.

He's thin,scrawny. He's a jat. And I HATE HIM!!!! At the beginning he would talk to me as if he has all copyrights on anything 'Zarine'. One guy who carries his heart on his sleeve. It so happened one day that 2 gals he 'hits' on were in the same group (urs truly was one). So, our Jat comes. Me ignored him. He looks at S in a Dev Anand - head -tilted- manner, and starts his gibberish.

S :- A, shut up,will u?
A :- Arey,boora maan gayi?
S :- Tu har ladki ko yehi kehta hai na?
A :- Hum to har ghat ki pooja karte hain (sic).. kyun,Zarine??
Z :- Dont ask me...mein ghat ghat ka paani peene walon se baat nahi karti!

*(the group laughs)*..YAY! :P

A.S #2

Yeh,another one who thinks I'm dying to talk to him. He met me online the other day.

R :- Hi Zarine
Z :- Hi
R:- Why didnt u tell me it was J's b'day?
Z:- I didnt r…

Not my fault.Trust me!!

It's funny. Or ironical. Or something like that.

The speed with which we make up our minds or form opinions, judgements, impressions and conclusions only to be proven wrong. I mean, heck...what's the hurry? For all you know, that person was just having a bad day, and isnt all that mean. And man, c'mon, who the hell are we to pass a judgement on anyone at all? But why am I posting this....I wanted to write something else..!

O yeh. Doc says "why dont u let ur vocal cords rest? After all,everybody deserves some peace,including your tongue." big deal there...I'll keep shut,till my silence makes my vocal cords scream. And am under all kinda drugs and medication,coz of various contradictory ailments. You name it, and I dont have it. It's just a throat infection. Or so I think. Nose is blocked,but keeps running now and then. I feel so damn feverish, but the boring thermometer reads 'Below Normal'. I lie down to rest and my mind is racing with t…

Forbidden Love...

Read this poem long back...dont remember the source...

What I feel for you,
couldn't hold it inside,
had forgotten the whole world for a while,
did stupid things for a while

My nights go sleepless aching for you
Although I know your nights are not so
For the morning, rays shine the truth,
Though I love you so deeply and so true It aint enough

Every pain of mine aches for your arms
Every teardrop yearns for your embrace
Every look at a child screams for our future

You gave me hope when I needed it the most
You met me when I was lost in the wilderness
You are the whole and soul I need in my life
but every setting ray shows the price

For I believe we belong for each other, but can't be together
But I still love you wholly and deeply
For I think my love for you will never end
Except maybe when I'm dead and sent
In this forbidden love we share . .