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The Fact.

"The central part of my own life is my death. After a while,it will all come to nothing. Whenever I have the courage to face this, my priorities become clear. At such times nothing is done in order to achieve something else. No energy is wasted on maintaining the illusions. My image does not matter, I do not worry about how I am doing. I do what I do, am what I am. That's it. The imminence of my own death is the pivot around which things turn. This makes what is going on now all that counts."

"All relationships are temporary. It's so terribly hard to remember that we have so little time. We stall, kid ourselves, promise that we will deal with things some time soon. Not only are there many things that we never get around dealing with, but even when we do, there is so damn much waste in the process, so much unnecessary distance between ourselves and those with whom we try to make a life."

© Sheldon B. Koop.


Mohabbat mein nahi hai
Fark jeene aur marne ka,
Usi ko dekhkar jeeten hai
Jis kaafir pe dam nikle.
Hazaaron khwahishein aise ki
Har khwahish pe dam nikle....

© Mirza Ghalib.

Reading Season.

As I got loads of time to kill, I decided to dig out some old books. Some of my favt subjects like Data Communication & Networking, Modern Database Management, TCP/IP, Java Applications and Web Designing were back on my table. Best part is,this time I'll not be reading them like a student does :).

I came across a book called "If you meet Buddha on the road,kill him." It has a line which impressed me - "No meaning that comes from outside of us is real." The book talks about how Gurus and Spiritual Guides are nothing better but a guiding force to discover what lies within ourselves. Will write a review on it. I read 3-4 pages and was thinking over it for 2 hours! :O :O.

One dhaasu line from that book :- "Only what you can let go will stay with you."


I realised today I dont like history.

© Zarine.

Eyeing Expansion: Intel's Offering to Rural India - the Community PC

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he rural sector has one more reason to smile. After ITC's e-choupals, here comes Intel's "Community PC" platform.Intel has recently announced the Community PC as its offering to the rural Indian. Its part of the "Jagruti" initiative wherein Intel collaborates with businesses, governments and education institutes to provide their services through this platform. The PC is designed to face the rough and tough conditions of the rural sector. It is a expandable and runs on shared access. It has a rugged chassis, Customized Power Supply Unit (CPSU), lower power consumption and Access Control. The Chassis can withstand harsh temperatures (upto 45 degree Celsius), high humidity levels(70 to 85 RH). It has an in built fan to cool the motherboard. The CPSU is a combination of the Integrated Power Supply and UPS. This protects the computer from abrupt power cuts. What's more, it takes less than 100W to run!Rural India is a huge untap…