August 28, 2005

Arbit observation.

Noticed something today and wanted to share with all of ya.

Ever noticed that on the keyboard,'W' + 'E' and 'U' + 'I' are side by side? WE are together ; U and I are close to each other :).


  1. Beyond Doctorate said...

    Hi Z,

    Sorry for not signing in was out in wilderness for the past week or so. But guess did not miss much, going by what you have written(blogged)!!!


  2. Zarine said...

    @ SK - Out in the wilderness??? Hehehe,sanity still intact dear?

  3. anil said...

    On similar lines..
    TY- Thank You
    NM - Nothing much
    CV - Curriculum Vitae
    UI - User Interface
    AS - As Such
    VB - Visual Basic
    and OP - Out Patient.. are also next to each other.. And then there's JK - Just Kidding too ;)