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Recipe to Excel.

Often what it takes to excel is

- Pushing yourself to the edge
- Asking the right questions
- Keeping your eyes at the next level
- Being excited about learning.

And most importantly, be in the company of Achievers.

All the best.

© Zarine.

From Pari... :)

There once was a time,
When neither knew for sure
If this was the it
For which we'd hardships endure

Then came a time,
When he didnt know
If we'd last together
For our actions went against the flow

There was a time too
When I didnt know
If we were meant for each other
For it would create a row

Now is the time
When we know from the Lord above
Our togetherness is prime
For there is no other way we know Love.

© Zarine.

Reunion (?)

When old pals meet after a loooooonnnngg time

A :- Hiiii!!
B :- Hey man!! Whatta surprise!!
A :- You bet yaar! Kaisa hai?
B :- Bas chal raha hai...tu bata...?
A :- Mast hai ...aur kya haal chaal..
B :- Theek thaak...sis got married last oct
A :- Accha?! Great man...and u?
B :- Time hai yaar..kaheko marwaa raha hai...tu bata?
A :- Same here yaar...
B :- Ummm..yeh...aur...
A :- Aur toh bas...chal raha hai
B :- How's XYZ? Koi news? I lost touch with most of them man
A :- Haan..thik hi hai...kahan time milta hai yaar..
B :- Haan...true...
A :- ..........
B :- ...........
A :- Chal toh phir milte hain..
B :- Haan boss...stay in touch, haan?
A :- Of course...take care..!
B :- You too! Cya.

The later in life you meet with a pal/acquaintance, the shorter the first conversation will be. Its as if the feeling hasnt sunk in...and they part before it does..promising to meet again...

Jab mile, tabh mil na sake..
Na jaane abh kab milenge
Agli mulakaat ke bharose
Iss mulakaat ko chod chale...

© Zarine.