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How I hate this word.Sorry! Not coz being apologetic is wrong,but it hardly means one is being apologetic!!
It's just a way to save your skin.Utter it and go scot free.And you know,the best part is this line:- "I said, I'm sorry! Wht more do you want me to do?" Yeh!! Just that word of yours can make up for all the pain n hurt the other person has gone through.Moreover,tht person should be grateful to you for that!

Why dont people mean it when they say it? If you cant stop yourself from repeating it,why do you say it then?Can't you simply say,"I'll try not to do this again"? Nopes.Coz that's committing yourself.U'd rather say Sorry and get done with it.No wonder,I've begun to abhor promises too.

Then they are people who dunno how to handle 'sorry's'.The first category would get all apologetic themselves! "Arey,it's ok yaar! Koi baat nahi!"..Easily forgive the other person.

And there is the second category. I'm s…

Great Expectations

As an individual,one has certain rights. And the right to know is one of them. To know what you want from yourself,from people around you and from your life.Similarly,people around you also have the right to know,incase any of their actions can hurt you.

But then how does one know,unless one asks? The problem with expectations is that a lot is assumed. A husband 'expects' certain things from his wife,and more often than not,he assumes she knows about them,and vice versa. How often do you hear these statement in fights, "Weren't you supposed to do this?? / I tght you would know! / It's but obvious! " All based on the assumption that the other person knows what you expect.

Amongst the comments in the 'Art of Detachment' post,somebody said detaching oneself would be protecting yourself from pain and turning away from love and would stop you from living a full life.

Pain and tears. No point in running away from them. They always find their place in our lives…

Summers Over!!

Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over! Summers Over! Summers Over!Summers Over!Summers Over!Summers Over!

Phew!! Was sloggin since feb! Finally! :D :D :D

Err..I know I was supposed to make a post on the lines of my previous post to complete tht chain of posts, but I COULDN’T STOP MYSELF FROM POSTING THIS FIRST!! I AM SO HAPPPPPYYYYYY!!!!!

Learnings from the Summers ?? Who cares? :)))))))))) Got 10 days hols before the 2 yr a half MBA now :)))))))))))…The Diro wanted me to address the jrns,but I took them to picnic Saturday last, so my ice breaking session is done with.Dont think will oblige the Diro this time around :D.

The plans for the next 10 days,umm…will definitely not sleep much,I can always do tht when my …

The Art Of Detachment

Continuing from the previous post, a key element in loving yourself is taking care of yourself. Again,easier said than done.

Why does it hurt so much when people walk away from your life? Why does one feel so lonely and down? How can someone have the ability to cause us pain in such a capacity? Why cant people let go easily? Why are so many tears and heartbreaks a part of the process?

Nothing lasts.Really nothing does.At the end of the day,you are all by yourself.And most of the time,you are either sad or just plain blank.You wish for someone who could've being there to share your blues,but the stark reality is...even if someone is there,s/he wont be there forever.

Rem'ber before those presentations/speeches/plays in front of an audience, no matter how much anyone told u to be confident, you always had to have a lil talk with yourself , assuring yourself that everything would be ok ? Tht "C'mon,you can do it" pep talks before the D-Day. Revising your subjects, maki…

When will I love Me?

I get hurt.Mebbe others get hurt too.And cry too.And get fed up of crying.Chuck everything, and say "To hell with this world"..decide to move on.And find themselves crying again.

From my observation,good and nice people cry more.Coz u wouldnt come across bigger fools than them.Am not talking abt goodness or being nice as foolishness.The problem arises when they expect others to be good too.Why will others be good to u? Jus coz u were good to them? Ha! Quid pro quo works only if someone is rubbed the wrong way.Otherwise people are happy for being treated nicely and conveniently forget about it.

To be loved in return.The eternal human need.Love.People want to love someone. And want to be loved in return.And my god,what all they endure for this! If only a fraction of that effort was spent in loving oneself...

Ever thought if you love yourself? How much? How do you love yourself? What do u do when you love yourself? Why is it so difficult to love yourself? Coz u know ur shortcoming…

Well said.!

Came across few awesome one liners..

"Deal with the world the way it is, not the way you wish it was." John Chambers , CEO, Cisco Systems

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." Katharine Hepburn

“Nobody gives you power. You just take it.” Roseanne Barr

"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito." Anita Roddick - complements of Yvonne DiVita

“Manners will take you where money won’t.” Coach Vince Dooley.

“It’s important to be thoughtful while you’re being thought provoking.” Sharon Stone

"The thing that makes you exceptional, if you are at all, is inevitably that which makes you lonely." Lorraine Hansberry: complements of Kirsten Osolind

"Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads." Erica Jong

"The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love…

Hats off ..:)

So very often when you want to give up on your dreams,you come across people who've made it. Through sheer determination and perseverance. People who had faith in themselves,and took the required steps to convert dreams into reality.

Of all the people I know,I admire very few.The ones who made it where I couldnt.The ones who did what I couldnt.The ones who repeatedly beat their own successes and dont rest on the past laurels.

Folks for whom the deed matters more than the word.People who live it in the spirit,not in the letter.

I wish I could be like them.More action oriented.More driven.More successful.

I saw 'Robots' the other day,and the movie had an awesome line :-

"If you dont fight for your dreams,they'll haunt you all your life".


AT times,you wish you can simply throttle some people to death!!!!!!!!!!

You do so much,and people dont even have the time/courtesy to acknowledge! Wht was tht ancient Indian saying ," Nekki kar,kuwe mein daal"..Do the deed and forget about it.

WHY WHY WHY?? As if doing things doesnt take up your time and resources! Do it,and then grin and bear it. The other person takes it for granted. And shamelessly will turn to you ,if it has to be done again! And you will do,coz after all you arnt supposed to turn down tht person.

One royal kick on his a** the first time, will ensure that next time around he doesnt take your services for granted!!

Seriously the concept of selfless service makes me laugh. You do things coz u like to do them.You derive pleasure/happiness/satisfaction frm it.You are serving some or other need of yours through it.Be it physical or emotional.Just because monetary benefit isnt involved doesnt mean it's 'selfless service'.

I really dunno wht's wron…