September 28, 2007

Listen deep within.

The best things about Troubles is that they always inform about their arrival. Be it through Signs, Omens, Intuition or Sixth Sense, human mind is receives signals about the impending danger…but we always intend to ignore them. As it goes, anything that isn’t practiced loses its efficiency. So, over a period of time, the more you listen to your intuition or Sixth sense…the better it gets and vice versa.


Next time around, you get a feeling that something’s around the corner…better heed it, coz safe than sorry, rem’ber?


September 25, 2007

Control ka funda.

When do things get out of control? When we dont control them while they were under our control!! Hehehehe. Common sense, da. Not always, though. As in, giving a good performance in an exam is under my control. But what happens to my answer sheet, isnt.
We control because we want the outcome to be as desired. thought flow was gone haywire....I'll catch up on this post later.

September 21, 2007

Combating Loneliness

There’s a difference between the two….being alone & being lonely. I’ve come to realize that both have a lot to do with one’s state of mind. Being alone is a choice one makes…and being lonely…well, again a choice one makes, but subconsciously. Loneliness is a state where one doesn’t enjoy anyone’s company, prefers to stay aloof, is not bothered with the affairs around and generally leads a solitary existence. When does this happen? A difficult question. Lady L often buddies up with the Dame D – Depression. And Dame D visits only after His Exalted Excellence – Excitement leaves. It’s a low after a high, a very big high (what English is that??).

Excitement exhausts a person so much that sustaining that level for a long period isn’t possible. One tends to build up on it…and wants more and more tempo to be added…and somewhere the cookie crumbles. Dame D is actually important in life, if one wants to attain some sorta balance. A balanced mind treats success & failure, high & lows with same attitude. A lil indifferent…a lil ‘cut off’.

When does one want to be alone? Usually when there’s so much turmoil in the mind…a dozen different voices shouting thousand different needs to just et away and sort it out. Being alone is required when one wants to step back and take a perspective. Rarely does it have anything to do with Lady L. Infact, when Lady L visits, one doesn’t quite know the difference between the 2. Being alone = being lonely.

People who are comfortable being alone are those who are comfortable in their skins. But I would bet my bar of Cadbury’s that anyone who’s comfy in his skin has had a visit by Lady L sometime in his life.

All in all….Dame D is nature’s way to sober a person down. Infact, it makes one discover a lot about oneself…and tht’s important if one wants to really live life.

So here’s to Life and Loneliness! 3 cheers!

September 20, 2007

It's you and YOU!!!

Abbaaahh! I’m so up to my neck with relations where the blame for its not working is on me. Yes, me. On Z. Just encountered one more.

Gah, give me a break man!!! I didn’t call/ I didn’t sms/ I don’t care/ I said that/ I didn’t say that/ I have changed/ I don’t care (yes, tht keeps coming again & again)/ I should’ve done this or that/ blah blah blah…/ I don’t care.

I fail to understand…when my pals have a problem with me, why don’t they talk? And why does the blame squarely lie on me? My guy thinks I pamper my pals a lot…but c’mon…they are ur buddies…you owe it to them.

Come to think of it…my girl buddies have been the most hassle free ones. Each one of them. And most of my guy buddies…don’t even get me started.

I pine for a normal, healthy, stress free friendship. Give it to me, folks!!!!!!!

Ps:- Think abt it. Most of the time its “you did this in this way…I expected it tht way”…it’s YOUR problem if you expected it tht way…I did my bit…am sorry if it didn’t ‘measure up’.

Change ko badlo!

Change. I should be christened as the Change Agent of the Year. My personal life has seen much of it. And now professional life follows suit. I move to another assignment…my third in the last 18 months! What an 18 months it has been….facilitating HR for a new business in an established Unit to facilitating it for the oldest business in the same unit. Now moving on to handling it for a new business with a totally different unit. Different customer, diff rules, diff culture. The good part? In just 1.5 years, I get to handle the entire HR dept on my own. Wing to wing. The HR health will be directly proportional to my efforts & results.

Wow. That sure gives me a kick. I thought I would be apprehensive….but I have known myself enough to understand that the only time I get apprehensive is when…..umm….hmmm..err… You get it, right? J

Experience man….trust it to teach you like nothing else can. Folks out in the market think (and this I know from the innumerable consultants who call me) that in 1.5 yrs, one is still an HR Exec and shld be happy doing some dead man’s job (read back office & admin). When I did oblige them and attended one of the interviews with a leading Finance company, the guys there were eating out of my hand. Obviously they expected to see a ‘wet behind the ears’ greenhorn who wouldn’t know anything about Employee Relations. Post the interview, they offered me a Manager’s post! Beat that! Man, when I told my guy this….he asked me to go jump from the seventh floor…for I could only fly higher from there! (Now, what did that mean??! )

Am feeling good. Good about myself. And good about the fact that when I had a lean period in my career, I chose to speak to my boss about it, rather than crib. That I bid my time…and was patient enough to give things a chance.

And I also feel good about my guy. He bore the brunt of my mood swings & tantrums…held my hand when I was feeling lllooooowwwwww…and kept egging me to stay positive.

Take a bow, my love!

And here I comeeeeee………..Vvvvvrrrrrrrrroooooooooommmmmmmmmmm

September 19, 2007

Posting thru' email

Test. Flunk it or fly thru!

September 16, 2007

Main yahin hooonnnN!!!

As I often do, I was at it again. Wondering, that is. Wondering how much importance do I give to this page. This site on the internet which captures all my thoughts and feelings...stuff that it stores for me to visit and ponder that I wrote this stuff(!??).

Well, as it goes with most things in my life....if you cant respect something, do away with it. Dont hang around for the sake of it. Fence sitting & ambiguity are 2 traits I have least tolerance for.

:). No, am not doing away with my blog. It's been around for enough time for me to respect it. And more importantly, it has my thoughts & words in it...which makes it more respectable (some arrogance, eh?). So it shall stay...but my frequency shall go up.

Ah! Everytime a blogger says this..he goes on an even longer exile. I wonder (yet again!)...why do people make promises to their blogs??? As if it had its own existence & would get cross if you didnt update it! Or maybe they make promises to the visitors...who I wonder, really care if you updated or not...?!

Whatever. (My guy hates this word.)

© Zarine.