When Dad went outta town,he handed over the business to Mom.Poor sweetheart of mine didnt know how to go about running it initially,but 3 months down the line when I heard her fire one of the Sales guy the other day,I thought,"Ooh la la,Mom's arrived!"

At dinner tonight Mom said,"Honey,I dont think one needs an MBA degree to run one's business...."

"Yeah,Mom" I replied,"But one surely needs it to be employed in someone else's business."

How SAD IS THAT?? :((


Anonymous said…
thts life :)
Well Z
Good food for thot.
However I differ slightly on that. An MBA might be a ticket to prosperity but you can see of live examples of Non-Mbas' doing better than some Mba guys and gal. However I think given equal opportunity an individual would perform better if he is progresed through the rigour of MBA. Do tell your mom that she might be handling the business well w/o an MBA but imagine where she would have reached if she had an MBA. Probably amongst top 10 business women in this part of the world-maybe!!!!!

Regards SK

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