Arbit observation.

Noticed something today and wanted to share with all of ya.

Ever noticed that on the keyboard,'W' + 'E' and 'U' + 'I' are side by side? WE are together ; U and I are close to each other :).


Hi Z,

Sorry for not signing in was out in wilderness for the past week or so. But guess did not miss much, going by what you have written(blogged)!!!

Zarine said…
@ SK - Out in the wilderness??? Hehehe,sanity still intact dear?
anil said…
On similar lines..
TY- Thank You
NM - Nothing much
CV - Curriculum Vitae
UI - User Interface
AS - As Such
VB - Visual Basic
and OP - Out Patient.. are also next to each other.. And then there's JK - Just Kidding too ;)

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