Killer V.

Vengeance is a powerful driver. It takes you over and makes you lose sight of sense. To give back as you got it gives one a sense of Power. The power to make/mar someone's life. In the heat of the moment - when the other person is at 'your' mercy - you have to make the call. Pull the trigger or let him go. All those past moments flash in your mind, hormones start racing your heart and you pull the trigger. Peace. Its over. Or is it a begining of a tumultous future?

I have seen people take revenge. I remember that smile on their face and their emotionless eyes. Some people hurt/kill others to remove all that symbolised a painful past. They think by removing that person, they can shrug off their past. Or if they give that person his 'due', they'd feel better. It's been a while since I saw someone, who destroyed/spoiled someone else's life, lead a peaceful life himself. Has anyone of you witnessed this?

Not taking revenge is considered a sign of cowardliness. I believed in this too. With time I have realised, seeking revenge worsens matters. Instead just let him be. Nothing can hurt a person more if you ignore his presence, his existence. It hits him right there. He might then try to make your life difficult and thats when you should ask him to buzz off. Self defence should not be compromised, come what may.

Few things grow when ignored, like those annoying weeds. But what caused those weeds to appear? Lack of proper gardening? And now that they are there, what do you do? Ignore them so that they wreak havoc in your garden? You weed them out, right? Use herbicides and all that? You uproot them. Kill the cause. And they come back next year, and you do it all over again. You arnt exactly 'killing' the cause, are you? So you think what causes them to recur every year. You figure its your gardening. You arnt doing the right things. Then you plant all the right plants and take care the right way. The weeds dont turn up in all their grandeur next year (but they'll still be here and there).

Lesson? Killing the cause wont help. Kill the habit within you which is causing it.

© Zarine.


Apurv said…
That's a great piece, as much for the point you made as it is for the quality of writing.
SK said…
Which co have u joined & in what position???

Anonymous said…
Hmm... I thought V was for Vipul n tht the post was abt Vipul again :))

Ok, bad one:|

Sameer said…
I totally agree with this one :)
Zarine said…
@ Apurv - Thanks mate.. :)

@ SK - Why..planning to escalate matters? :D

@ anonymous - :)..if I could, I'd blog only abt V :).

@ Sameer - You rock, man :P
Chocolate said…
u dont hav to take revenges...
GOD takes care of that for u :)
White Forest said…
"Killing the cause wont help. Kill the habit within you which is causing it."

This is just amazing lesson!

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